5 Reasons Why Cervia on the Riviera Romagnola Should Be Your Next Beach Holiday Destination

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Where can you go this summer that has a beautiful sea, family-friendly beaches, extraordinary nature, entertainment, culture, and authentic cuisine? The answer is Cervia on the Riviera Romagnola! In this article, we’ll find out five reasons why you should spend your summer holidays in this magical place.

In reality, Cervia is its own county and includes Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella, and Tagliata with a total of 9 km of fine sandy shores on the Adriatic Sea. Nearly 400 hotels and almost 2,000 apartments from which to choose can fit into just about anyone’s budget. Let’s go into detail now in order of importance beginning with Cervia’s biggest draw- the sea.


Cervia’s Well-Serviced Beaches

As already mentioned, its 9 km of shore provides beachgoers and holiday-makers with ample choice as far as private lidos and bagni are concerned. Suffice to say that lido number 3 begins in Tagliata and lido number 340 ends in Milano Marittima.

In addition to the sheer number, Cervia, Milano Marittima, and Pinarella were all awarded the prestigious Green Flag in 2022. What does that mean exactly? According to 2,800 pediatricians, these are truly excellent beaches for their pure water, fine sand, cleanliness, shallow shore, facilities designed specifically for families, and safety. In all, there are 80 lifeguards on duty.

Cervia didn’t just win the Green Flag Award though because the entire stretch of Cervia (from Milano Marittima to Tagliata) has also been awarded the Blue Flag in 2022! It doesn’t get any better than that.

The Surrounding Natural Environment

You may not know this but Cervia is called the “city of salt and sea”. Cervia has been mining salt since ancient times. In 1959, more than 140 salt pans joined together to form “La Salina” which includes more than 800 hectares today at the southern gateway to the Po Delta Park. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this natural wonder that preserves a truly unique habitat (even flamingos). The visitor center is open every day in July and August.


The pine forest of Cervia-Milano Marittima extends over 210 hectares and is also part of the Po Delta Park. Among its nature trails, running trails, and outdoor gym areas, the pine forest is ideal for the whole family when you want to take a little break from the beach.

Entertainment and Culture

Until now we have talked a lot about Cervia being the ideal holiday spot for families traveling with young kids, but don’t think for a second that this area is only suitable for them. The truth is that summer in Cervia is for everyone, especially for young people.

Concerts including the Cervia Orchestra, a fireworks show for the Feast of San Lorenzo (August 10th) and so much more await you in the month of August. It would be impossible to list all the events here but in addition to concerts, there are also sporting events, flower shows, book fairs, art shows, and so much more. Cervia’s official tourism website has more information in English. 

Romagnola Cuisine

The fact is that Romagnola cuisine is simply fabulous and envied all over the world. Homemade egg pasta from tagliatelle to cappelletti is often combined with broth or seafood-based sauces. Do not underestimate the magic of a simple but tasty traditional piadina (flatbread) stuffed with just about anything your heart desires. You can easily spot the authentic vendors because they have striped kiosks. The “della Bassona” wines are very special as the grapes are cultivated in sandy, salt-rich soil. Other typical products are the sweet salt of Cervia (sale dolce di Cervia), thistle, mussels, and various species of sardines, mackerel, and herring among others (known as pesce azzurro in Italian).

To think that all this and much more awaits you in Cervia makes it just about the perfect place to plan your next holiday!

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