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Even climbers looking for the most challenging routes wind up going back to their roots. In the 1980s, some climbers from the Toscolano area on Lake Garda equipped a crag in Camerate for their own personal use. It was near the more famous Gaino Castle route. 

le camerate-garda-climbing
Lake Garda

It was just a dirt road along a densely wooded area and a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the Western Gardesana. A stream provided the visitors with fresh water. 

Over the years, Mother Nature “repossessed” the space and the overgrown scrub and brambles made it quite difficult to reach. The bolts that had been mounted by the climbers years before had deteriorated from harsh winters and humidity. But, this wasn’t the end for the Camerate. 

Camerate-arrampicata-sul-lago-di garda

Thanks to the invaluable help of local enthusiasts and, in particular, the mountain guide S.M., the trails have been cleaned and marked, and the routes have been re-equipped. Today there are about ten climbs of varying degrees of difficulty.

The fearless tourists and locals are here enjoying it in late spring and summer. The road is well-marked with signs from the center of the town of Gaino. Climbers and those who love the surroundings will find a place of peace, where the little ones can play and have fun along the pebble beach- all just a stone’s throw from the noise.

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