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A Food Festival in Romagna you can’t miss!

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Many food festivals take place in Emilia-Romagna during summertime and the “sagra della patata e festa degli gnocchi” (potatoes and gnocchi festival), taking place in Montescudo (RN), is surely one of the most awaited ones. This village is situated 386 metres above the sea level in the Conca Valley and gives you a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Riviera. If you are into history, you will be pleased to know that the first settlements in this area are really ancient and date back to the Celts. While visiting the town centre, you will see the ancient city walls, the civic tower which dates back to the Middle Ages and a one-of-a-kind ice-house which was built under the ruling power of a noble family called Malatesta.   

 In order to experience the traditions which characterise this village, you should visit it on August 12 and 13, during the potatoes and gnocchi festival. Its 45th edition will take place this year. Moreover, this event includes the 17th edition of the “Fiera dei prodotti agricoli e artigianali locali” (fair of agricultural products and local handicrafts). As you get to the village, you will be surrounded by the hills of Romagna and you will choose where to start your food and wine experience. As you walk the streets of the hamlet, you will also find a fair which hosts retailers coming from all over Italy. You will be able to taste and buy local and traditional products like the olive oil made in that area, the PDO potatoes grown in Montescudo, the “Monte dello Scudo” wine and hand-crafted pottery: these are the jewels in the crown of this event.

If you want to have a delicious dinner, you should have a look at the food stands from 7 PM to 12 AM on Saturday, August 12 and on Sunday, August 13. You can also have a great lunch on Sunday from 12 PM to 14 PM. You can have gnocchi, salted codfish with fries and piadina: everyone will be satisfied…But you’d better have room for the dessert as you won’t be able to resist doughnuts and ice-cream made with potatoes! If you want to know more about the floklore of this region, you should attend the concert of the most famous orchestra in the area: “Orchestra Casadei”. You will also have fun while watching the dancing show of “Rimini Dance Company”. Last but not least, get ready for an evocative fireworks show taking place at 11 PM!

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