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Rome: capital of Italy, for history and culture.
It is known that walking in through the streets of Rome is like visiting an open-air museum: every street is rich of history, every step shows a beautiful detail.

On my trip to this timeless city, a place that stole my heart is the Campo Cestio cemetery in Testaccio; away from the crowds of tourists, it is a peaceful oasis.

Yes! We’re talking about a cemetery but no prejudices! This is not just any cemetery; it is rather a book to browse, slowly, trying to understand what is hidden in its pages.It is the Cemetery of Artists and Poets, and for for those who love reading these words, there are endless emotions that await him in its walls.

It is a a highly recommended stopover for the lovers of the arts and literature; many artists, but not only that, have found rest in this enchanted garden.

Some characters will be well-known to you; you can see the graves of John Keats, Percy Shelley, or Antonio Gramsci, to name a few.

But there is much more. Campo Cestio is a dimension to discover.

Once you have crossed its walls, you will be immersed in an oasis of peace. The noises of the next street stop where the cicadas singing begins.

Small avenues intersect between trees, flowers and lush plants. The vegetation mixes with the graves as if they were only one thing, playing with each other to perfection. Everything is exactly as it should be, there is an unusual harmony.

Campo Cestio is big, relaxing and exciting; it is a casket of dancing souls. There is a scent of poetry, of unknown stories, of deeds never told. Paradoxically, there is a scent of life.

Immerse yourself in its endless sensation, walking through its green trees, stopping at the info point if to peek through the texts on sale if something intrigues you, and be sure that it will happen.

Relax. There’s no time here, there is only you and what you love.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll meet the cemetery cats from the feline colony of the cemetery, while they’re resting under in the shade of some sculpture or wandering around the alleys, climbing on the marble or parading on the walls. They observe you as magical guardians, as mystical guides in this land of peace.

Poets, artists, writers, creative souls and people who are sensitive to the beauty of the world! Take a breath, take a moment of reflection and do it here.

Because, if a place could ever describe the sense of immortality of the soul, without a doubt, Campo Cestio would be its name.

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