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The sea and its wonders are a source of inspiration for many of us, but few are lucky enough to know its beauty firsthand. Fortunately, however, there are people like Mirko, a third-generation fisherman who inherited his grandfather’s and father’s love for the sea. Mirko has decided to share his passion for the sea with the rest of the world, organizing boat trips to let visitors experience the beauty of the island of Ortigia and its natural caves.

His “Siracusa in Barca” (Syracuse by Boat) has become one of the favorite choices for tourists visiting the city thanks to his experience, professionalism, and attention to passenger safety.

In this article, we will explore the unique experiences offered by Syracuse boat excursions!

Boat Tours With Captain Mirko

Mirko’s commitment to the sea and his maritime heritage are evident in every aspect of his tour company; from the choice of tour routes to the attention to detail when arranging excursions. Siracusa in Barca is much more than a simple maritime transport company: it is his passion, his mission, and a unique experience for anyone who wants to truly see Syracuse and the surrounding sea.

Thanks to their experience, professionalism, and proven service, Siracusa in Barca has become one of the main choices for tourists who visit Syracuse and want to discover the city from the sea. The company uses state-of-the-art boats to ensure the safety of all passengers on excursions and guided tours.

They offer a wide range of tours which include exploring sea caves, a visit to the island of Ortigia, and much more. Each tour is well-organized and customized to meet clients’ needs, aiming to deliver an outstanding and unforgettable experience.

Captain Mirko’s Tours

Siracusa in Barca organizes a variety of tours to meet the needs of tourists who want to explore the splendid city of Syracuse and its natural beauties including the sea, cliffs, caves, inlets, and magnificent spots to swim. Each tour is well organized and customized to meet customers’ needs. The company’s goal is to provide an exceptional experience.

One of the tours offered by the company includes a visit to the island of Ortigia, where the tour begins by crossing the Umbertino bridge, built in the 17th century. Afterward, visitors will be taken on a panoramic tour of Porto Marmoreo and the western side of Ortigia to admire the Baroque palaces by the sea. They will also see the Castello Maniace, which has played a significant role in the history of the city. The castle was built between 1232 and 1240 and was initially called the Castle of Federico II. It was later renamed Maniace in honor of the Byzantine general Giorgio Maniace, who reconquered the city from the Arabs in 1038. Visitors will also pass by the Arethusa Fountain, where the legend of Arethusa and Alpheus is set. The Arethusa Fountain is a source of freshwater that flows underground until it reaches the island, where it flows into the sea.

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Another tour offered by Mirko is the sea caves tour, where visitors will pass under the Umbertino Bridge before exploring the beautiful natural caves and taking a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters.

Syracuse by Boat also offers a tour that combines both Ortigia Island and the sea caves tour, allowing visitors to enjoy both experiences in one trip.

Other Services

One of their most popular services includes a delicious sampling of authentic Sicilian cheeses, cold cuts, and wine. Why not celebrate that special occasion like a birthday, a romantic dinner, or an anniversary on board cruising in style?
In addition to the organized tours, Siracusa in Barca organizes fishing trips.

For those who want an even more personalized experience, Siracusa in Barca also offers boat rental services, with or without crew, to allow its customers to explore the coasts of Sicily in complete autonomy and freedom.

The company also provides passenger transportation services, such as transfers to and from the airport or to and from the train station. These services are offered with the same attention to detail and the same professionalism that characterize organized tours.

For customers who wish to extend their stay in Sicily, Siracusa in Barca also organizes excursions to other places in the region, such as the Aeolian Islands or Taormina, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sicily.

In summary, Siracusa in Barca offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of its customers guaranteeing an unforgettable experience during your stay in Sicily. And Captain Mirko speaks English, Spanish, and French!

Siracusa in Barca is the ideal choice to make your Sicilian holiday unforgettable!

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