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The Ancona province in the Marche region has its own riviera! In this corner of paradise, a strip of land juts out from Mount Conero forming the renowned Riviera del Conero. The green Mediterranean scrub and the silvery rocks of the promontory, plunge down to the Adriatic Sea, creating a breathtaking view. Sporting activities are also popular on the Conero Riviera and in the surrounding hills.

“Two Sisters Beach” – Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle

Two large cliffs emerge from the water near the coast hence the name of the “two sisters”. This fantastic beach is perhaps the most well-known. It can only be reached by sea via the frequent boats that sail from the port of Numana. This area is perfect for diving enthusiasts who will delight in the wonderful seabed and crystal clear sea. The gravel, stones and rocks have an incredible charm, immersing you in this uncontaminated nature. Precisely because of the wild nature of this cove, you’ll want to come prepared since you will not find services of any kind.


Mezzavalle Beach

This beach is truly the jewel of the coast. Immersed in unspoiled nature, this pearl is well worth the effort of the long walking trail required to reach it. If that sounds discouraging, an alternative is reaching it by boat from the port of Numana. This white beach, despite the logistical challenges, is often crowded on weekends and in high season. There are no beach clubs here, but it has showers and a restaurant.


The beautiful bay of Portonovo is located at the foot of the northern slope of Mount Conero, where the green vegetation contrasts with the white of the rocks and the blue of the sea. Unlike the two locations described above, this beach is very well equipped with restaurants and much more. It’s also extremely popular with surfers!


The Conero Riviera is a true work of art that Mother Nature has gifted Italy. Don’t miss the chance to plan your holiday in this magnificent place!

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