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A promontory that juts out in the middle of the sea and connects to the shore by just a strip of sand- we’re referring to Monte Argentario. One of Mother Nature’s most beautiful sights, Monte Argentario is in the Grosseto area of Tuscany. Also known as the Costa d’Argento or the “Silver Coast”, it includes Orbetello, Magliano in Toscana, Giglio Island and Capalbio. Let’s find out what wonders Argentario has in store for us!

La Feniglia

This beach is a long strip of fine sand protected by a pine forest. It is one of the wildest areas of this lagoon, but at the same time, it is perfect for families with children thanks to its various services and bathing establishments. It also has a soft and sandy bottom, suitable for the little ones learning to swim. This beach is the southernmost point of Argentario and is also part of the Duna di Feniglia Nature Reserve. It’s easily accessible on foot or by bicycle through the pine forest coming from Porto Ercole.

La Giannella

Close to the previous beach, La Giannella has more or less the same characteristics as La Feniglia. It is located a few kilometers from Porto San Paolo and there are both bathing establishments and kilometers of free beach. Its wind currents also make it ideal for water sports.

Cacciarella Beach

Far away from the crowds and more isolated, this is the perfect beach for those who love being at sea in perfect solitude. In addition to these features, the Cacciarella beach is one of the most beautiful coves of the Argentario. Immersed in nature and reachable only by sea or by trekking, this jewel is one of the wildest spots on the entire Tuscan coast. Its rocky cove is dominated by a tower that bore the name of Scaciadiavoli, the name of the most famous pirate in this area in the past. In the cliff that nestles this cove, there is also access to the Grotta del Turco where, according to legend, a group of local fishermen took refuge with their boat to escape from the Turkish pirates.

Cala del Gesso

This pearl of the Argentario is set among the rocks and can be reached via a long path that makes it virtually isolated. The daredevils who will face this one-kilometer trail will be rewarded with a breathtaking view! In front of Cala del Gesso stands the Argentarola islet and next to it, the remains of a Spanish tower. There are no bathing establishments or bars, so it’s all a “free” beach. The crystal clear sea is perfect for snorkelers who want to get up close and personal with the local sea life. To fully enjoy Cala del Gesso, you’ll want to get there early in the morning or stay until evening to watch the sunset.

Cala Grande

This beach is a sight to be admired even from afar, along the panoramic road. Made up of three small beaches immersed in the thick Mediterranean vegetation, it can only be reached on foot. The 25-minute trek may not be suitable for everyone. Especially in high season, numerous boats are docked at this magnificent beach prized for its snorkeling. The waters are crystal clear and pristine but just remember to come prepared as there are no services of any kind here.

Cala Piccola

This small beach is a paradise for scuba divers. Just a few meters from the shore is a 45-meter-deep shoal called “coral reef” which is a spectacular spot for marine life. The beach is easily accessible and has one bathing establishment reserved for hotel guests. Access is also permitted to members of the small-scale consortium.

Bagni di Domiziano

This free beach is perfect for families thanks to its soft, shallow seabed. It is also called “Gerini” beach after the villa that once belonged to Marquis Gerini. Remnants of an ancient past can be appreciated here as it once belonged to the Domizi Enobarbi family (descendants of Emperor Nero). At low tide, the remains of pools used in antiquity to farm fish emerge from the sea.

La Bionda Beach

This beach is the most crowded due to its proximity to the town of Porto Santo Stefano. The beach is very pretty and is protected by a reef ensuring that the waters are always calm. There are neither establishments nor bars.

Il Pozzarello

Pozzarello is Porto Santo Stefano’s beach. It’s perfect for beachgoers who don’t want to bother with long hikes and hauling all kinds of gear with them to enjoy a beach day. Equipped with every possible service and comfort, it can be reached from the village road. Surprisingly, it’s not very crowded and is perfectly accessible even for disabled visitors. The sea here is also very calm.

La Cantoniera

Also easily accessible from the town of Porto Santo Stefano, La Cantoniera is also suited for disabled visitors. The beach is free, but visitors do have the option of renting umbrellas and sunbeds. La Cantoniera is a very popular beach thanks to its overall cheerfulness. There is a diving cliff and it’s suitable for kids as well. The rocky cliffs guarantee a serene, crystal-clear sea on hot days.


If you decide not to make a beach day out of your visit, the Argentario promontory is full of alternatives! Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Tarot Garden or the other charming villages in the area!


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