Azzinano: A Village in Abruzzo Where the Walls Tell Stories

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Azzinano is a small village in Abruzzo that holds a treasure. Perhaps unknown to many, even those from the region, the town’s walls tell stories. Yes, that’s right.

Located in the municipality of Tossicia, in the province of Teramo, the first documents about this small village date back to the 12th century. Its narrow alleys and houses give it the characteristic aspect of a typical mountain village in Abruzzo.

But what distinguishes Azzinano from other small mountain villages is its artwork. The Gran Sasso Mountain protectively watches over this open-air museum of colorful murals.

Since 2001, the houses in Azzinano have been part of an initiative called “I Muri Raccontano” which means “if walls could talk”. The idea was to bring back children’s games and play from long ago in simpler times when everything found in the house could become a fantastic adventure.


The style of portraying these happy moments depicted on the murals is called Naïve art. In fact, Azzinano is the birthplace of Annunziata Scipione, painter and leader of this artistic movement.

This small yet colorful village comes alive every year during the last week of July with artists from all over Italy who, inspired by these canvases without borders, contribute and continue to expand this open-air museum.

Photo Credits: Anna Falasca and ProLoco Azzinano

Article written by: A. Falasca

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