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Be a Chef for a day! Cooking Classes in Marche

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Learn how to prepare Italian dishes belonging to the gastronomic tradition of Marche, a region in the central part of Italy.

You can be a chef for a day and learn traditional recipes using fresh, genuine products, in an hospitable and convivial typical Tavern, located inside a palace in the old town of Senigallia (Sena Gallica – from latin). Senigallia was founded by the Senones Gauls in the 6th century BC.

After walking around the narrow streets and picturesque squares, you’ll arrive in the heart of the town where you’ll see the Rocca Roveresca castle. Here you’ll meet a person working for Le Marche del cuore, who will take you to one of the oldest historical buildings of the town to start this amazing experience. In this building you’ll find the restaurant where cooking classes take place.

The Chef will welcome you and you’ll start an amazing but intensive cooking class (theory and practice). You’ll learn how to prepare homemade pasta and other local dishes, using only fresh ingredients.

The cooking class will end with a dinner, in which you’ll taste the dishes you’ve cooked with a good glass of wine.

Don’t miss this extraordinary Italian experience.

Buon Appetito!