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Have you ever been to the Maldives? Italy’s Salento area in the Apulia region is a paradise that rivals or surpasses tropical islands. Salento’s beaches are perfect during low season and begin to come to life like everything else in the spring.

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What to See and Do

Pescoluse is one of the absolute pearls of Salento. It’s become a tourist destination thanks to the incredible beauty of the sea and the beaches. Its long coastline is comprised of white sand trails with dunes that form in the blue, crystalline water that filters the sun’s rays.

Next to the immense beauty of the landscape, this area does not lack the historical aspect. You can visit the Torre di Masseria Borgino which dates back to the sixteenth century. The coast is scattered with these towers because their purpose was to be able to spot the Saracen pirates who settled the beaches of Salento in the 15th century.

Another unique feature of the area are the many pajaru (similar to the trulliscattered throughout the territory. You’ll notice these small, round stone structures along with the stone walls that delineate the centuries-old olive groves so characteristic of this land.

From Pescoluse, you can reach numerous other very interesting destinations:

salento-beaches-cavesThe coast of the surrounding area, for example, is rich in karst caves. The most famous and visited by tourists is the Grotta Zinzulusa sea cave in Castro, whose charm captivates from the first glance.

Many other smaller caves are located in the area: in Santa Cesarea Terme there are even natural thermal baths, which can be visited by boat. In the Tricase area you’ll find the Grotta delle Tre Porte, which owes its name to the presence of three different outlets on the sea of ​​a single cave, and the Cala dell’Elefante.


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