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The Beatles Memorabilia exhibition “Beatles Memorabilia Show” will be hosted in the Contemporary Art Gallery of Tenute La Montina in Monticelli Brusati, Brescia in Franciacorta. The curator and founder of the Beatlesiani of Italy Association will be present on November 24 to tell the public about the exhibition.


 “Beatles Memorabilia Show”

The exhibition, which will remain open until January 10, 2020, will tell about the little-known aspects and curiosities of the four boys from Liverpool who changed the world with their music. It will be a different type of exhibition than those usually organized in the La Montina Gallery. A tribute to the group that – beyond the indelible and unique mark left on music- has managed to influence the most diverse forms of creativity, inspiring entire generations.

Among the memorabilia coming from the Italian Beatles Museum will be some of the most significant collectors’ items including books, photos, records, autographs, letters, fanzines, and various gadgets. There will also be a photographic narration of the salient moments of the Beatles’ career.

Automobiles and Recipes

Part of the photographic exhibition will be dedicated to the Beatles and the Automobile with shots of the band members on board the most beautiful cars of the time: Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Ford, Ispano Suiza, Mini Morris, Herald, Triumph, Volkswagen, Fiat 500.

The section inspired by food and cuisine, Put the Beatles on the Table will include nine panels with selected images of some of the works by Andrea Rauch. Rauch is an internationally renowned Tuscan graphic designer and illustrator who was inspired by the book written by Ippolita Douglas Scotti entitled Metti i Beatles nella Zuppa.

To complete the journey there will be six of the fourteen copies of John Lennon’s lithographs on loan from the private collection Bag One: Alphabet Page, Bed In Peace, Exchange Of Rings, I Do, John & Yoko and The Honeymoon.

More than an exhibition, it’s a total immersion into the recent history told through the vast, original and iconic Beatles world.

The Location: Le Tenute La Montina

The Tenute La Montina of Monticelli Brusati is among the historical companies of Franciacorta. Its vineyards grow on​​approximately 72 hectares. The winery was also expanded in 2008 and today, as a whole, it has a storage capacity of about 3,000,000 bottles and covers 7,450 m² underground, which guarantees the lowest possible temperature range throughout the year (around 13° – 16°): an optimal condition for the proper aging of Franciacorta.


Helpful Info

Location: Tenute La Montina – Via Baiana 17, 25040 Monticelli Brusati, Brescia, Lombardy
Dates: Novembre9, 2019 – January 10, 2020
Visits: By reservation
Contact Info: tel. 030 653278 – –

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