Berignone Nature Reserve: Masso delle Fanciulle and Masso degli Specchi

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Tuscany is well known for being a magical place, full of delights to eat and enjoy. Near Volterra, more precisely between Saline di Volterra and Pomarance, there is a beautiful natural reserve, called Berignone that hides a wild, idyllic landscape.

Here the river Cecina offers a kind of natural swimming pool with lots of small waterfalls around two meters high… a true paradise surrounded by plants and big stones.


The name “Masso delle Fanciulle” means “Ladies’ rock” and it comes from an ancient legend: three girls, trying to escape from the excessive, morbid attention of a local gentleman, came across these bushes and thought to save themselves by jumping into the water, but unfortunately, they died.

A happier version of the story tells instead that it is simply the place where young women used to secretly bathe.

If you want to immerse yourself even more in nature and you are not scared to go off the beaten track, you can decide to walk, or rather swim and go up the river. At the end of the trail, you can continue in the water until you find “Masso degli Specchi” (The “Stone Mirror”), named for the effect of the water reflecting on the rocks, making them almost like mirrors.

Known only by the locals, but rather packed on summer weekends, the Reserve and its rocks are an unusual but very charming itinerary.

Route Directions:

Driving from Volterra to the sea, towards Cecina, you will arrive at Saline di Volterra where you will need to turn toward Pomarance. At some point, after the bridge over Cecina river, you will find on your left an indication for “Masso delle Fanciulle”. At some point, the road will become a dirt road and you might find a river to wade (depending on the season and the rains). If the water is too high you can leave your car and reach the destination on foot, otherwise going along you will find another parking lot. Park your car, immerse yourself in a forest that will lead you to the river banks.

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