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Boccaccesca Food and Wine Event in Certaldo Tuscany

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The tiny, medieval town of Certaldo is exactly the vision that comes to mind when dreaming about Tuscany. Perched upon the hilltops surrounding the great city of Florence, Certaldo alto is majestic, yet subtle. Birthplace of Giovanni Boccaccio (author of the Decameron), in the summertime, it celebrates the lively theatrical Mercantia festival and in the fall, it gifts us with Boccaccesca. Boccaccesca is a celebration of all things that reign supreme in this region- food, wine, and company with whom to enjoy it.


“Food” is a very broad,  yet vague term in many parts of the world. In Italy, and Tuscany in particular, that is not the case. Food here is synonymous with nourishment, with love, with the seasons, with life itself. Late September and October are arguably the best time to visit this region as it harvests grapes, olives, chestnuts, and is also prime game hunting season. Crowds have dwindled, the mornings and evenings are cool, and the colors begin to warm.


Boccaccesca is short-lived. It takes place from October 4-6 this year and this year’s theme is music. The three days of festivities will be held both in the lower borgo and in Certaldo alto where you’ll find culinary stands and exhibits from all over Italy. You’ll also find chefs whose cooking demonstrations and creations will be like a musical symphony. In the streets of the medieval heart of Certaldo, you will also find the percorso del gusto which is a tasting itinerary with dishes created specifically for Boccaccesca (cost of the experience € 2.50).

Boccaccesca is also for children! Musical instruments will be made available in a special area where children can play and sing freely and there will be lots of child-friendly food to taste.

Boccaccesca is a free event.

For more information, visit: www.boccaccesca.itFacebook Boccaccesca Certaldo.

So come one, come all and raise your glasses to life! Salute!


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