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Carnival in Viareggio 2022: One of the Most Famous in Italy

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The Viareggio Carnival celebration is back for the much-awaited 2022 edition! The parade of floats will take place on February 20, 24, 27 and again on March 1, 5, and 12th.


Every year, the allegorical and satirical floats are divided into various categories. Themes usually reflect world events, politics, and various figures that greatly influenced (either positively or negatively) the previous year. This year’s floats done entirely in cartapesta (paper-mache) range from Bebe Vio the Italian paralympic champion to Jeff Bezos’ moon flight to the pandemic. 

Viareggio’s Carnival officially opens at 2:30 pm on February 20th with an opening ceremony followed by the first parade. The parades taking place on February 27, March 1, and 12th, will close with an awesome fireworks display. 

Please note that all attendees must have the required Green Pass. Details can be found on the official website along with exact times, parking information, and how to purchase your ticket (required). 

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