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When I think about Christmas markets, my mind inevitably goes back to Trentino Alto Adige and its snow-capped mountains, chestnuts and the warmth that only good hot chocolate can give you. The most renowned and biggest market in the region is in Trento! Every year it attracts eager tourists who flock to the hundreds of stalls of local artisansfood, and wine. This year’s edition begins on the 20th of November and ends on the 9th of January, 2022.


Imagine yourself strolling through the city completely absorbed in the quaint, festive atmosphere, where every corner evokes tradition and where families can spend the whole day browsing in the market.

Environmentally Friendly Trento

Trento has always been an environmentally-conscious city dedicating itself to minimizing the environmental impact of its events. It achieves this by promoting regional, seasonal and local organic food, served with either reusable or biodegradable tableware and utensils. There are also numerous “eco-points” located around the city to encourage recycling. In fact, the Christmas Market of Trento has been certified by Dolomiti Energia as “100% clean energy”. Trento is a green city, promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and its market will maintain that promise by using only renewable energy sources.

Christmas Market

While visiting the Market, you’ll see picturesque wooden houses, reminiscent of a fairy-tale village. Locals will welcome you by offering hot drinks such as herbal teas, hot chocolate or Vin Brûlè, or something more traditional such as parampampoli, a drink invented in the 1950s by Purin Giordano made of coffee, wine, grappa, sugar, and spices.

Enjoy a variety of local delicacies such as Bretzel (pretzels), sandwiches and luganega (sausage) or game meat with sauerkraut and polenta exclusively from the Valsugana (valley located in the southern part of the region). These dishes are sure to please!

A wealth of original souvenir and gift ideas will provide you with hours of entertainment as you browse the numerous artisan stands and talk to the friendly craftsmen.

Trento is a small, charming Dolomite town that’s unique all year round, but absolutely enchanting during the Christmas season.

A Green Pass is required. Please visit the official website Christmas Market in Trento for details.