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Italy now boasts more than 40 amusement parks with some among the best in Europe. Cinecittà World in Castel Romano (Rome) has 40 attractions, 6 shows, and numerous events that are constantly changing according to the season. The park reopens on March 15 for the 2020 season. Let’s find out what’s in store!



The attractions are divided into the 7 thematic areas of the park: Il Regno del Ghiaccio, Cinecittà World, Rome, Spaceland, Far West, Adventure Land, and Sognolabio.

Il Regno del Ghiaccio

This snow park is open all year and it’s the first indoor park of its kind in Italy. It snows 365 days of the year here but incredibly, it’s never cold! It’s the perfect place for kids to play in the snow. KamikIce is the exhilarating ride where you hop on your innertube and hang on tight as you whisk around the curves on the icy track. You can also ice skate and have fun on the bumper cars on ice.

Cinecittà World

This is the heart of the park where you can experience fascinating places all over the world and beyond. If you love roller coasters, I-Fly is the VR (virtual reality) roller coaster that allows you to get on the most reckless rides in the world but without ever leaving your armchair! Or maybe you’d rather drop into New York City in the midst of an alien attack in the VR attraction Guerra del Mondo. Are you a fan of horror movies? Then get ready because you will have the chance to fight the most horrible characters in the history of cinema on the In-Cubo ride! And for true fans of cinema and history, don’t miss Pezzi da Oscar, the exhibit that pays homage to Cinecittà’s 80 years of films shot in the historic Cinecittà Studios. To name just a few: recent ones such as The Gladiator and Oceans 11 and legendary films like Ben Hur, The Godfather, and La Dolce Vita.


As they say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans”. In this area of the park, you can discover the world of the Roman Empire from its large vessels to delicious typical dishes. Don’t miss Aktium, the water ride that reenacts the Battle of Aktium with Antonio and Cleopatra!


Devoted to the world of science fiction and adrenaline-seekers, Spaceland boasts the Altair roller coaster. Ten inversions make it one-of-a-kind in Italy. On hot days, children and adults will have fun at Pompieri where they can fire water cannons at unsuspecting passersby. Laser Mission and Velocità Luce complete the fun here in Spaceland.

Far West

If you didn’t expect to find the American Old West anywhere in Italy, think again because old saloons and rodeos complete with cowboys and sheriffs await you. The VR attraction Assassin’s Creed lets you become the star of one of the most successful video game series of all time. Water bumper cars, an old train ride and even a Horror House that immerses you in the most terrible sets in the history of horror cinema await you in the Far West.


Adventure Land

Adventure-seeking explorers will encounter tons of fun in Adventure Land. Volarium is the flying cinema inspired by the 500 year anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci that allows visitors to “fly” over Leonardo’s Florence. There is also the fantastic world of Indiana Jones with a 60-meter free fall and the 4D simulator Jurassic War!


Sognolabio is the area dedicated to children of all ages with four attractions including the large Cinepiscina swimming pool complete with a real, sandy beach (opening on June 1, 2020). No one can get bored here and parents can even relax on the beach while the children play.


Six original shows await you and are included with your entrance ticket. In the Far West, the good, the bad, and the ugly can experience the tension of a duel between a bandit and a sheriff. Or maybe find out the tricks of the trade of special effects and makeup in horror films. You won’t want to miss the Viva l’Italia musical which pays homage to the history of Italian film. During the Christmas season, Gocce di Cinema is a selection of the most beautiful scenes from famous Christmas movies projected on a giant water screen – simply fantastic!

Other Events

All throughout the year, Cinecittà World hosts numerous special events from national and international dance competitions to equestrian shows, sporting events, talent camps in the spring and summer and not to mention the spectacular parties they throw for every holiday!

Helpful Info

  • Restaurants and shops are located throughout the park and Ristorante Roma is certified by the Italian Celiac Association.
  • The park is accessible to guests with disabilities and most of the rides and shows are as well.
  • Dogs are admitted on a leash and larger dogs might be required to wear a muzzle.
  • Wheelchairs and strollers are available for rental at the entrance (limited supply).
  • Parking lot is paid parking but can be reserved in advance online.
  • Shuttle available from the Metro stop EUR Palasport

For opening dates and times and ticket info, please visit the

official website of Cinecittà World