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The “Ice Kingdom” from Fantasy to Reality

Cinecittà World, the theme park dedicated to cinema and TV in Castel Romano (Rome), is opening a new pavilion! It’s the first indoor snow park in Italy with five themed attractions: a skating rink, ice bumper cars, a tube sled, snowball fighting and “kamikice” (bobsled).


The park hopes to create a new generation of “Ice – Influencers”. In a world that travels to the sound of technology and digitalization, this attraction will convey a powerful message about the delicate issue of climate change. Melting glaciers are a real threat to our planet. Hence the idea of ​​associating entertainment with an awareness-raising project carried out in collaboration with the CNR – National Research Council. The researchers will aim to educate young visitors by teaching them how fundamental it is to respect the environment that surrounds us.

cincecitta-world-snow-parkThe current scenario of our planet could, in fact, change even more negatively, jeopardizing the real “Ice Kingdom”. The glaciers and polar ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctica have been studied by the CNR researchers for some time. Precisely these experts will illustrate some basic notions of climate change that are causing the dissolution and relative extinction of some species, such as penguins and polar bears.

The scientists will involve the young visitors in workshops specifically designed for them. By speaking the same language as our youth, they will try to raise awareness and invite them to modify daily behaviors that contribute to the damage of our host planet.

For hours and ticket info, visit the official website

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