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Palazzuolo sul Senio, a village in the province of Florence, will host the seventh edition of the Trail del Cinghiale (or the Boar Trail) on Saturday, November 24, 2018. The race takes place in the Apennine mountains.

The Trail is organized by ASD Leopodistica, in collaboration with Asd Seniobike and Outdoor & Trekking Store Ravenna-Faenza.

The Boar Trail will take place over four distances:

  • 90km D+6000 metres
  • 60km D+4000 metres, 30 km
  • D+2000 metres
  • 15Km D+800.

Participants must have experience racing on mountain trails, excellent training and appropriate clothing since temperatures can go from -10 °C to 20 °C.



The race leaves from Piazza IV Novembre in Palazzuolo at the following times:

Saturday, November 24th at:

  • km 15:  10:00
  • km 30: 08:00
  • km 60: 07:00
  • km 90: 05:00

Each athlete will be required to register and receive a microchip that he/she will wear for the duration of the race.

Along the way there will be checkpoints and pit stops where staff will monitor the athletes.

The gym in Palazzuolo sul Senio will be provided as a dressing room and bag storage for the athletes.



  • Must be 18 or over
  • UISP or EPS athletes with valid registration cards
  • or in possession of a valid medical certificate

Registration closes on November 18th 2018 or upon reaching the maximum number of participants:

  • km 15: 200 participants
  • km 30: 350 participants
  • km 60: 200 participants
  • km 90: 200 participants

You can register at:

  • “Oudoor&Trekking Store” in Ravenna in Via Trieste 48/A and in Faenza (Ra) in corso Europa 96;
  • online



By November 18th:

  • Km 15: 15 euro (pasta party not included)
  • km 30: 35 euro (pasta party included)
  • km 60: 65 euro (pasta party included)
  • km 90: 95 euro (pasta party incuded)

Day of race:

Km 15: 20 euro (pasta party not included)

Fees include:

  • bib number, chip (must be returned or incur 10 euro fee), assistance and refreshments along the way, race pack, post-race meal voucher (option for 15 km and can be purchased on race day), showers, massage

The bib and race pack for 15km, 30km and 60km and 90km will be given out at the gym located at Via Quadalto 20 on Friday, November 23rd, from 3.00pm to 9.00pm and on the morning of the race, Saturday November 24th, from 4:15 to 4:45 (90km only) and from 5:30 to 9:30.

A briefing is also scheduled inside the Palazzuolo gym on November 23rd at:

6:45am 60km, 7:45am 60km, 9:45am 15km



The paths on the Trail will be marked with highly reflective flags for good visibility even in the dark.

The kilometers are not marked, so athletes are advised to study the trail in advance.

Competitors must strictly adhere to the path and not doing so will result in disqualification as well as pose a great risk to the athlete.

In the event of bad weather conditions, or for other safety reasons, the organization and jury of the Boar Trail may decide to suspend, interrupt or modify the course of the current race or change the times.

The race takes place in a natural environment in a protected ecosystem. Competitors must respect the environment at all times. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification as well as fines.

To reduce the environmental impact, plastic cups will not be provided at the pit stops; each competitor must bring a cup or a glass to be filled at the refreshment points.


To take part in the Boar Trail, the following supplies are mandatory:

  • Water bag, bottle holders
  • race bib with a clearly visible number in the front of the athlete
  • whistle
  • survival mat
  • trail shoes
  • head lamp with spare batteries (not mandatory for 15km and 30Km)
  • waterproof taped jacket (at least 10,000 mm water columns, goretex type);
  • the race chip
  • mobile phone with organization’s number
  • Energy bars or solid food of at least 500 calories (not mandatory for 15km and 30km)
  • 1 liter of water at the start
  • Road book or gpx track (available from 1/7/2018)
  • The use of walking sticks is allowed


  • Each competitor who completes the Wild Boar Trail within the maximum time will receive the “Finisher” prize as well as the first 3 athletes from each category.

    Further prizes will be allocated to:

    Km 90: first 5 men “under 50” and first 5 women “under 50” plus the first 3 men “over 50” and first 3 women “over 50”;
    Km 60: first 3 men “under 50” and first 3 women “under 50” plus the first 3 men “over 50” and first 3 women “over 50”
    Km 30: first 3 men “under 50” and first 3 women “under 50” plus the first 3 men “over 50” and first 3 women “over 50”
    The first three most numerous groups
    The awards of the winning competitors of the Trail will be made at the following times:

    Saturday 24 at 13.30 for 15km
    Saturday 24 at 14.00 for 30Km
    Saturday 24 at 17.00 for the 60km
    Sunday 25 to 10:30 for 90Km

For more information, visit the complete rules on the official website.

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