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Of the many day trips from the Tuscan city of Florence, you won’t want to miss nearby Certaldo. Of Etruscan-Roman origins, it is known as being the birthplace of the writer Giovanni Boccaccio and of the artist Giovanni della Robbia. It is also on the elite list of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” or “i Borghi più belli d’Italia”. It is stunning all year round, but if you happen to be visiting in July, you’ll be able to witness the Mercantia Festival. Now in its 32nd edition, the festival this year runs from July 10th through the 14th.


More about Mercantia

The festival will play host to a wide range of artists from all over the world. Several European countries, but also Israel, the United States and Canada, will be present with their artistic and theatrical interpretations. Music will animate the narrow, cobblestone streets with notes from swing to folk. Street theater will engage the public touching on familiar themes such as Alice in Wonderland and the fantasy world of the circus. Spectators’ gazes will turn upwards for the artists in the category “Babel – the conquest of the sky”. You will be amazed by their acrobatic stunts and their ability to overcome the limits of the human body.


It is true that the atmosphere of Mercantia is youthful and electrically charged, but don’t think for a second that it is not suitable for visitors of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest! There is an area entirely dedicated to children with ancient wooden toys and six theatrical shows geared specifically for kids.

The theme of this edition is “La Santa Allegria” or “Holy Joy” roughly translated. Symbols of the theme will be translated into art and workshops throughout the festival allowing visitors to experience metalworking, weaving, carving, wood inlaying and much more.

Useful Info

Tickets can be purchased at the box office located in Piazza Boccaccio, in front of the Town Hall or directly online.

Ticket prices vary depending on the day:

Adults: range from € 10.00 to € 20.00 Children: range from € 7.50 to € 15.00

Children under 7 enter for free

Mercantia takes place in “Certaldo alto” and can be reached by funicular service from Piazza Boccaccio (at a cost of € 1.50) or on foot if you’re up for an uphill climb.

If there were a downside to Mercantia, it would only be that it is literally impossible to see and experience everything. If you can, you may want to have a look at the complete program beforehand so you can prioritize.

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