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We aren’t on a tropical island, we aren’t on a Caribbean beach, and we aren’t in a faraway, exotic land; but if we look around, our eyes will see a pure, white beach plunging into turquoise waters, surrounded by a high rocky coastline that seems to protect the hidden bay with its majestic height: we are in the Gulf of Orosei, in Sardinia.


If you have never been to this area, you should know that the Gulf on the eastern coast of Sardinia boasts a very particular attraction: its coastline is studded with dozens of incredible beaches and hidden bays, jewels of the island. The bays, for the most part, can be easily reached and many of them stand out because of their immaculate and natural state. These amazing hidden places lay between greenery and the high coastline so the only way to reach them is by sea or via spectacular trekking paths.

If you lodge in one of the towns on the coast, like Orosei or Cala Gonone, you’ll find a number of options offering tours on rubber dinghies or other types of boats. You will be able to enjoy incredible daily cruises along the whole coastline, stopping in the coves or in the suggestive caves and natural grottos like the beautiful Bue Marino’s Caves that owe their name to the seals that used to live there. To your children’s delight, if you are lucky, you could catch sight of dolphins playing in the foamy waves around your boat!


On the other hand, the area offers many paths through the varying greenery for the daring ones: the trails climb down the rocky coastline and arrive onto the beaches.

I have personally tried the trail to Cala Mariolu and I recommend it to trekking lovers since the path is long and tiring, but it is also unbelievably suggestive; it is uneven in some points and there are some very steep slopes, but it is abundant with breath-taking views and it overlooks a very majestic landscape. Even inexperienced hikers have been known to complete the trail.

There are many beautiful bays that are perfect destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling lovers too, but I especially recommend Cala Goloritzé and the forenamed Cala Mariolu. Both can be reached by sea and boast crystal clear waters, and a fine, white, pebbly beach. Surrounded by a cliff for diving enthusiasts, and overlooking the transparent water through which you can see the pure white sea bottom, I also recommend Cala Luna and Cala dei Gabbiani.


Cala Luna is a frequent stop-over for cruises and it boasts a spectacular structure, with a stretch of land that divides the turquoise sea from the Mediterranean scrub-scented woods, and a majestic rocky cave that overlooks the beach. Don’t miss mother nature’s spectacular sunset that colors the cave walls with red and dives behind the rocky arches of the coastline, turning the green scrub crimson and painting the seawater with colors.


Its name speaks for itself; Cala dei Gabbiani beach is less popular than the others, so it is a calm and perfect haven for the seagulls. (Gabbiani means seagulls in Italian). The birds leave the bay during the daytime to go fishing and come back at sunset. Just like Cala Mariolu, Cala dei Gabbiani offers the same white-pebbled beach and the same amazing, shimmering turquoise water.

Since I have personally experienced the magical boat tour along the coast, the exciting trekking on the coastline, and the kind hospitality of the towns in the area, I strongly recommend this adventure in the pursuit of fun and beauty: a special opportunity, suitable for all, to keep a piece of the authentic and pure Sardinia in your heart.

Photos by: www.skr.de, Sara Diana, madmenmagazine.com, pillolediteatro.com