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Eurochocolate 2022: International Chocolate Exhibition in Perugia

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Eurochocolate is an annual festival dedicated to the culture of chocolate held in Perugia every year. It’s back in all its deliciousness from October 14-23, 2022. Come rain or shine, the event will take place because it is held entirely indoors at the Umbriafiere event pavilion in Bastia Umbria just outside the city of Perugia.


What’s New in 2022

This year’s theme is “Happy in a second”. The idea is a play on words on the Italian saltimbocca (actually, a traditional meat dish) which literally translated means “jump in the mouth”. At Eurochocolate it’s been redesigned into a chocolate Perugina wafer. It’s also been transformed into a social media challenge for the event: flicking one into your mouth in one second. 

The chocolate Saltimbocca are already available in the three Eurochocolate flagship stores in Piazza IV Novembre in Perugia and also online. You can win a free ticket if you can prove that you were up to the challenge by posting a video of yourself on your own social media profile. 

Regardless of the challenge, every paid ticket (full price) will receive a box of 13 Saltimbocca chocolates. 

This year’s event will be a full-immersion journey to the lands where chocolate is sourced, “Tree to Bar”, as well as chocolate sculptures, and even Harry Potter and Halloween chocolates. 

Three themed pavilions entitled Chocolate Show, Chocolate Experience, and Chocolate Funny await you at the Umbriafiere grounds. Moms will have an entire pavilion set up exclusively for diaper changing and nursing. If you want to bring your four-legged friend, no worries because Eurochocolate has thought of them too! You can actually leave your dog in a fenced area outside where they will be perfectly safe and you will be able to enjoy the event.  

The complete program, how to get there, and ticket purchasing info are all available on the event’s official website Eurochocolate 2022. (in Italian only)