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gastronomy-2017-bergamo-east-lombardyFrom October 13 to 15, the culinary excellence of East Lombardy awaits you in Bergamo for the gastronomic event of the year.  More than 100 chefs , both Italian and international, will gather in a series of unique events and share their talent and creations. On the occasion of G7 Agriculture, East Lombardy has settled this unique event, so let yourself be amazed!

3 days of surprises and unique experiences are waiting for you. You will be surrounded by amazing flavours, dishes, specialty, creativity and magic. Yes, magic! Looking at one of those famous chefs at work is something like magic. To whet your appetite, I’ll give you some details: day there will be 25 different gastronomic tables to visit, taste and admire. Each day there will be 4 Chefs East Lombardy, 4 Michelin Starred Chefs, 1 Guest Chef, 1 pizza maker, 1 baker, 2 pastry chefs, 4 local producers, 8 of the greatest wineries of the territory. And that’s not all. This event hosts also special Guest chefs: Antonia Klugamann, Davide Oldani, Heinz Beck, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Carlo Cracco and Cerea brothers.

Register now on to buy your ticket and get a discount (you will pay € 55 instead of € 70). You may also get the chance to be one of the lucky people who, every day, can take part in the amazing cooking demonstrations given by International and Italian chefs. The ticket entitles you to 25 tasting stages, between the respective gastronomic tables where, on the various days, there will be always different chefs alternating.

The location of the event will be the monastery of Astino, in the heart of the Val d’Astino of Bergamo. In 1107, the monks of Vallombrosa chose this valley as the ideal place to establish their home. This millennial monastery is often chosen as a place to host events and conferences dedicated to biodiversity and environmental protection.

If you’re wondering what East Lombardy is, here’s the explanation. The international project “European Region of Gastronomy” (ERG) was born to promote local gastronomy and culture. Thanks to the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism, and to the 9 founder regions, Marseilles-Provence (France), Lombardy (Italy), Riga (Latvia), North East Brabant (Netherlands), Minho (Portugal), Aarhus (Denmark), Catalonia (Spain), Malta, Transylvania (Romania). The goal of the project is cooperation between culture, tourism and gastronomy and for the promotion of eco-friendly agriculture. Every year 2 or 3 regions win the “European Region of Gastronomy” prize and they have to implement the project shown to the judges. East Lombardy has won the prize for 2017 and “Astino nel gusto” is part of a bigger project.

gastronomy-east-lombardy-2017-bergamoFriday evening at 6 pm the Guest Chef Antonia Klugmann will show all her talent with an amazing cooking demonstration. Starting from 7 pm all the other chefs will work at the gastronomic tables. Lunch on Saturday 14th will give space to the Michelin-starred Guest Chef Davide Oldani who will enchant everyone with a show cooking at 11:00 am. From 12:00 pm, all the other great chefs, both the starred ones and the East Lombardy ones, will start to delight guests with their savoury dishes. On Saturday night, Heinz Beck will show his creativity at his gastronomic tasting table and than from 7 pm the guests can enjoy the other Est Lombardy and Michelin-starred chefs.

On Sunday evening Antonio Canavacciuolo, Carlo Cracco, Enrico and Roberto Cerea will amaze guests with their cooking demostrations and from 7.00 pm will be present among the various gastronomic tables to give everyone the opportunity to taste their great dishes.

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Article written by: S. Mazzola