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Drogheria means grocer’s shop, where you can find a bit of everything. 8/18 means that the market will be open from 8 am to 6 pm.

The event takes place at “Spazio Fase” in Alzano Lombardo, a building born from the refurbishment of an abandoned paper factory. It often hosts events and exhibitions, in order to promote start-ups, young artists and “green ideas”.

The protagonists of Drogheria 8/18 event are healthy food, natural body care and environmental sustainability. More than 50 stands show the best local handmade products. Fruit and vegetables, cheese and cured meat, bread and fresh pasta, honey, juice, wine and homemade beer, fresh grinded coffee and scented herbs. It is a parade of local organic and natural food, from the producer directly to the consumer.


You can taste all the products at the drink & food area. From 8 am to 8 pm, from breakfast to dinner the market products are used to make fresh, organic and environmentally friendly dishes and drinks.

Other stands show plants and flowers, natural cosmetics and body care products. There are stands dedicated to publications on ethical nutrition and food waste, as well as an entire area dedicated to handmade ceramics as a good alternative to plastic. The general idea is to choose an eco-friendly way of life instead of polluting the world.


During the day, you can take part in meeting and debates on current matters, such as healthy nutrition, natural care for the body, environmental care with the zero waste philosophy and self-handling with natural materials. Laboratories and interactive workshops allow you to experience the principles that animate this event. For instance the ones on the creation of soaps with natural ingredients, cosmetics and floral compositions.

A special attention is also given to children. The organizers planned games, workshops and food for children, in order to attract their interest on the principles of this event. It is never too early to learn to grow healthy and eco-friendly.

If you want to register for meetings and workshops, visit the web site and read the detailed agenda of the event.

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