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Nothing says summertime like a family vacation on the lake. When you think of an Italian summer holiday, most people think of the art cities, hill towns, and the endless shores of the peninsula. It’s time to think outside the box and explore some areas of Italy that very few get to experience. Lake Molveno just happens to be one of those.


Molveno is located just 40 km from the city of Trento on the edge of the Brento Adamello GeoPark in the Dolomites. More specifically, the Brenta and Paganella mountains are the backdrop to this small lake that has been continuously voted as the most beautiful in Italy. The craggy silhouettes of the Dolomites, the pine trees, and the ever-changing shades of the crystal clear lake water will have you wondering what took you so long to get here.


Lake Molveno

At just 4 km long yet over 120 m deep in some parts, Molveno’s lake was formed from a mudslide thousands of years ago. Keep in mind that the elevation here is just over 800 m above sea level which means the water temperature averages a “refreshing” 14 to 21 C in the summertime!

Lake Activities

Having said that, there are so many activities on the lake to keep the kids (and adults) busy that they will hardly notice the cool temps. SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) is a favorite as is canoeing, paddle boating, and sailing. 

The lakeshore is surrounded by 5 hectares of lush, green grass where families can picnic, sunbathe, or participate in the numerous sports like volleyball, tennis, and even group dancing. If you’d rather swim in a pool, you can do that too because there is an aqua park complete with pools and slides.

There are also 3 playgrounds around the lake that will keep your kiddos occupied for hours not to mention various free entertainment geared for kids as well.

Parts of the lake are also pet-friendly so “Fido” can come along too!

Mountain biking is also hugely popular in this area and there is even a pump track on the shores to help kids (and adults) get geared up for the real routes in the area and improve their skills in complete safety. 



Aside from enjoying all of this, the surrounding area is a nature and outdoor sports lovers’ paradise! The hiking and mountain biking possibilities are absolutely endless and many routes are specifically geared for families with young children. There is even a route called “Sciury the Squirrel” which is a fabulous learning experience for kids.

In the evenings, after your adventurous day in the spring-like temperatures, you and your family can enjoy events and entertainment in Molveno throughout the summer while tasting all the traditional mountain recipes at the local restaurants.