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festival-finger-food-pordenoneHow about a last hurrah of the summer in Pordenone in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region? The “Finger Food Festival” is a celebration of delicious street food with specialties from all of the Italian regions and the world, aromatic craft beers and excellent live music. The festival is on tour throughout Italy and has already triumphed in Parma, Florence, Bologna, Conegliano, Cascina, Venice, Ferrara, Castelfranco and Treviso. And it isn’t over yet.

pordenone-finger-food-festivalOn the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th of August the “Finger Food Festival” will come to Pordenone before heading to Forlì (from 7 to 9 September), Bologna (from 13 to 16 September) and Pesaro (from 21 to 24 September), with an adieu to the sweltering summer of 2018. There will be numerous stands all overflowing with delicacies like: sliced ​​beef, gnocchi and fried tortellini from Emilia Romagna; pumpkin flowers and truffle olives from the Marche; specialties from Puglia; Calabrian sausages; cannolis from Sicily; burgers from Tuscany; skewered meat from Abruzzo; grilled buffalo mozzarella and grilled buffalo meat from Campania. International delicacies like succulent Argentine meats, classic fish & chips, paella, delicious churros, inviting Mexican tacos … There are so many exquisite culinary offerings that even the most demanding palate will be satisfied!

music-village-finger-food-pordenoneFinger food isn’t exactly new to Italy thanks to its incredible appeal and versatility. The convenience of tasting numerous dishes in the same meal in tiny portions and the convenience of eating it without utensils has increased its popularity for birthday parties, graduations, retirements and wedding receptions. This year, the finger food festival will be in Pordenone along with the event “Music in Village“, a commendable international music festival. The artists who will perform on stage this year promise big live shows! On Wednesday, August 22nd, Sick Tamburo will perform, followed by Luciano Messenjah on the 23rd, Echo & the Bunnymen on the 24th and finally, Heaven 17 on the 25th. 

These free concerts will add to the end-of-summer mood with an unmistakable 80’s nostalgia. There will also be street performers and DJ sets at this enticing festival!


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