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Florence: The Florence Light Festival Through January 6

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The Florence Light Festival (also known as “F-Light”) is back again this holiday season to mesmerize all its visitors. From December 8th to January 6th, the already spectacular city of Florence can be seen in a whole new light.


What to Expect From “F-Light”

The event will take on a new light in squares and monuments through video-mapping, projections, light shows, and artistic installations and will propose exhibitions, educational activities, special visits to museums, shows, and cultural meetings.

This year’s theme pays homage to the fifty-year anniversary of the lunar landing.

Locations Throughout the City

On December 14th, trees will be lit in Piazza Santa Maria Novella and in Piazza SS. Annunziata, entrusted respectively to Mimmo Paladino and Domenico Bianchi. These Christmas trees are not decorations but real works of art by internationally recognized Italian artists.

The famous Ponte Vecchio will temporarily take on the appearance of a canvas with evocative video-mapping celebrating the anniversary of the event that radically changed our relationship with space.

The historical seat of Palazzo Medici Riccardi will again be involved with the installation in Michelozzo’s courtyard, dedicated to portraits of the Magi Chapel by Benozzo Gozzoli, curated by MB Vision with the collaboration of ISIA students.

Also the Central Market and the Loggia del Grano, which will host an art installation created by Australian artists.

Florence’s various towers and old city doors throughout the city will also be lit up. Ponte Santa Trinita, Porta alla Croce, Torre della Zecca, Tower of San Niccolò, Porta al Prato, Porta Romana, Porta San Gallo, and Porta San Frediano will all be lit with colorful, dynamic lighting for the duration of the festival beginning at 5 pm and lasting all night.


New This Year

Among the novelties, in Piazza dei Giudici, you’ll find the video projections curated in honor of the revolutionary astronomical discoveries of Galileo with a double projection that will celebrate the Moon and the wonders of the Universe. On the façade of the Galileo Museum and the Chamber of Commerce, a striking video-mapping will trace the history of astronomy through splendid old images.

Even the Palazzina Reale of Santa Maria Novella will be among the new places of the festival. Adjacent to the central train station, the Casa dell’Archittetura will be the subject of an artistic projection which will involve the white marble surfaces of the exterior (from 16 December to 6 January).

Beyond the Historic Center

This year’s edition will light up the city beyond the historic center and illuminate the districts of Campo di Marte on via del Gignoro; Piazza Niccolò Acciaiuoli; the Cascine Footbridge to the Isolotto; and the Park of San Donato a Novoli.

Finally, two other Christmas trees will be on display in Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Medici Riccardi.


Art Exhibitions

The Novecento Museum will have a special exhibit by Chinese artist Wang Yuyang with three pictorial cycles and two light installations.

Palazzo Vecchio will also host a selection of works by Italian artists, including Lucio Fontana, Eliseo Mattiacci, Giulio Turcato, and Fausto Melotti which will pay homage to the moon through January 15th. A Christmas tree with decorations made by the Leon Battista Alberti Art School, in a play of metallic colors and shapes that evoke the various phases of the moon will also be on display.

In the Sala d’Armi, until January 6, the site-specific project Marco (I Mark) by Grazia Toderi can be visited, which brings together seven video projections.

The various light installations throughout Florence will be visible from 5:30 pm until midnight every day until January 6.

F-light will offer an extra special show on New Year’s Eve! Complete details on the official website.

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