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Forlì is a city in the Emilia-Romagna region just one hour from Bologna. Although it can sometimes be overlooked by tourists, this city has a lot to offer! Here is a list of what to see in Zitadòn as it is called in the local dialect.


The San Domenico Museums is actually a complex of buildings that include Palazzo Pasquali, the Church of San Giacomo the Apostle, the Dominican Convent, the Augustinian Convent, and the Sala Santa Caterina. Various art exhibitions are held here throughout the year.

Palazzo Romagnoli

Palazzo Romagnoli is located near the San Domenico Museums. As the name suggests, the Palazzo was originally owned by the Romagnoli family until 1965 when it was sold to the Municipality of Forlì. It has recently been restored and houses a wonderful collection of twentieth-century art including the Verzocchi Collection.

Abbazia di San Mercuriale

This symbol of the city, if not of the entire region, is a must-see. It is located in one of the largest piazzas in all of Italy- piazza Aurelia Saffi. The abbey with its cloister and basilica as well as the open central area and covered corridors are quite beautiful.

Near Piazza Saffi, you will find another symbolic monument of Forlì, the Civic Tower. It is also called the “Clock Tower” and was rebuilt during the 70s after being destroyed by the Nazis in 1944.

Villa Carpena

Forlì is closely associated with Benito Mussolini who lived here with his wife Rachele and children. Those interested can visit the Villa Carpena residence (often called “Villa Mussolini”) which has now become a museum.

The Duomo

The Duomo, or the Cathedral of Santa Croce, is located in the historic center in Piazza del Duomo. Its origins are not well known and it is assumed that a church already existed in the tenth century. The appearance is the result of centuries of damage and war. The bell tower was demolished by the Germans (like the civic tower) in 1944 when they abandoned Forlì and was subsequently rebuilt in the 70s. Don’t miss the Romanesque crucifix dating back to the 12th century; the “Madonna della Ferita” and the fresco on the high altar; as well as the Chapel of the Madonna del Fuoco.

Ravaldino Fortress

The “Rocca”, also known as the Rocca di Caterina Sforza rises above the city of Forlì. This classic medieval fortification is another symbol of the city. Today, it houses a prison and various exhibitions and events throughout the year. A large garden encompasses it.

Franco Agosto Urban Park

26 hectares of green space await you not far from the historic center (about 20 minutes on foot from Piazza Saffi). There are cycling paths from the center that make biking here a breeze. Inside the park, you will find soccer fields, volleyball, basketball, beach volleyball and bocce ball. The little ones will have fun with equipment suitable for them.

What to Eat in Forlì

Emilia-Romagna is especially famous for its cuisine and that is saying a lot in a country where the food is delicious just about everywhere you go! For starters, you’ll want to try Bartolacci (bartlaz), somewhat like a stuffed ravioli or tortellini except cooked on a hot grill. The classic Romagna-style piadina is like a tortilla stuffed with just about anything you can imagine. Romagna-style meatloaf (polpettone) is made with mortadella and parmesan cheese instead of beef. The most common dessert is probably Zuppa Inglese or a trifle made in a hundred different variations.

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