Gole del Calore: River Canyon in the Campania Region

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For many visitors, a visit to the Campania region is often limited to the world-famous Amalfi and Cilento coastline, the huge city of Naples, and of course, Pompei. But for those who venture inland, an entirely different landscape awaits. About 50 km from the coast, lies the Cilento National Park and the karst canyons known as the Gole del Calore.


Gole del Calore

The exquisitely carved, deep canyons were cut by the Calore river over the ages and offer a wide array of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. The canyon is located in Felitto, just 80 km from the major city of Salerno within the Cilento National Park.
All sorts of options are available, usually by hiring a guide, including river hiking, rafting, canoeing, pedal boating, and horseback riding.
Within the Gole del Calore park area there are picnic tables available and even barbecues (by reservation only) for guests to enjoy.

If you are interested in the local food and wine culture, there are numerous tours available that will introduce you to all the flavors of this region. Salami and other cured meats, a fusilli pasta known as Fusillo Felittese, olive oil, and even asparagus are all specialties of the Felitto area.

The historic center of Felitto itself is definitely worth visiting. It dates back to the 5th century BC and still has 8 of its 13 original towers and is considered medieval with its fortress just above the town.

For more information, visit the park’s official website Gole del Calore