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Morsano-goose-festival-friuliIn the province of Pordenone (in Friuli Venezia Giulia) near the border with the Veneto region, there is a municipality called Morsano al Tagliamento or, in the local dialect, “Morsan des Ocjis” (Morsano delle Oche).

Since medieval times, this village full of waterways has proven particularly suitable for breeding geese. The people had to periodically pay duties to the Diocese of the Pieve di Cordovado and did so with their geese.

It goes without saying that in this area of the lower Friulana, geese have always played an important role both on farms and on local tables. The traditional goose festival will take place once again this year from November 9th through the 25th for the 46th year.

Foie gras will not be on the menu, but visitors can expect every possible delicacy related to the goose to be available at the festival. From appetizers to sauces, burgers, stews and roasts- all from locally sourced, free-range geese.

friuli-morsano-goose-festivalAlternatively, you can choose from rich selections of cheeses, gnocchi with butter and sage, pork and seasonal side dishes as well as a gluten-free menu created by the organizers of the Goose Festival in collaboration with the Italian Celiac Association to allow everyone to fully enjoy the party.

This delightful folk festival will entertain both adults and children thanks to dancing and orchestras, and children’s programs on Sunday afternoons. The numerous stands and tents are also heated in case it’s a chilly November! A wine bar with select wines and a brewery will also be ideal accompaniments for the many succulent, rich dishes.

christmas-market-morsano-goose-festivalBut there’s more! Morsano will also open the doors of its Christmas market beginning November 10th. This special market takes place in the Borgo dei Conti della Torre area which will be brought back to its original splendor.

A large, fenced parking area will also be available.

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