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The Grape Festival in Impruneta in the Chianti Region

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Just outside Florence in the Chianti region, the Grape Festival in Impruneta (or La Festa dell’Uva di Impruneta) is held every September. Ninety-three years later, it has grown to one of the most beloved events in all of Tuscany.

The History

It began in 1926, in order to promote grape consumption during the economic crisis. Since then, Impruneta’s Piazza Buondelmonti has been the epicenter of the festivities on the first Sunday of every September.

The first four years of the festival began as a competition among the main agricultural producers of the area. Over time, lines were drawn dividing the town into the four rioni (or districts). Each rione has its own individual identity and continues to interpret the festival in its unique way with costumes and original floats in the parade. Due to the improvements in technology, the modern era has become quite an entertaining and delightful spectacle for the thousands that gather every year to celebrate the harvest of the “fruit of life”. This year’s festival will go from September 1st through 29th when the festivities culminate at the main event- the parade.


Useful Info

  • The program is subject to change, especially due to unforeseen weather events
  • A maxi screen will be set up in Piazza Buondelmonti where you can watch the live broadcast
  • Tickets are available on the official website of the event.


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  1. Article gave a visual beauty to the area. Could almost taste the wine! Always looking for places to enjoy the area in a non tourist mode. Being part of celebration not just observing it. Thanks for a new place to enjoy.

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