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guided-tour-cinque-terreThe Cinque Terre, which overlook a jagged stretch of the Ligurian sea coast, are one of the most beautiful and enchanting landscapes in the world. Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso are five seaside villages suspended between sea and land, set in a picturesque setting of spurs of rock overlooking the sea, small inlets and crevices, small beaches among the rocks, and all around hills and vineyards terracing on the slopes at sea. Within the villages the colorful houses so typical of the fishing villages line the coast along with the remains of castles and walled fortifications erected once to counter the Saracen threat, Marian shrines and churches in the characteristic Gothic-Ligurian style.
A Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997, Cinque Terre also became a National Park for the protection of the landscape and the preservation of the characteristics of the territory in 1999.
This guided tour departs by bus from Montecatini making its first stop in the village of Manarola, and then travels by local train to Riomaggiore. From here we depart by boat to the “pearl of Cinque Terre”- Monterosso- where you will have a little more time available to enjoy a typical Ligurian lunch (not included) or for a swim in the crystalline waters of the sea (highly recommended that you bring your bathing suit!). Next stop: Vernazza, where you can walk in the narrow alleys, those that here are called carrugi, or climb the steep steps that overlook the sea. Return to Montecatini by bus, in the evening.

The itinerary is subject to change. In the case of rough seas, the boat ride would be replaced by a train ride.

April 1 –  October 31 in English                                       every day
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At the Check-point in Piazza Italia, Montecatini Terme  07:45 am
Price per person € 90,00 The price includes: Bus transfer from Montecatini and return, train/boat ticket, tour escort. 
Price children ages  4 – 12 € 48,00
Children under age 4 free

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