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Halloween in Italy: Celebrating From the North to the South

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It hasn’t been that long since Halloween was considered a strictly Anglo holiday and not celebrated at all in Italy or other Mediterranean countries. Now, all of that has changed! Most Italians celebrate Halloween in some form and it has become an important retail holiday as well. So if you’re wondering what to do on the spookiest night of the year, look no further! 

The great thing about Halloween in Italy is that November 1st is the nationally recognized holiday of All Saints’ Day so schools, banks, and some retail locations are closed. This year, since November 1st falls on a Tuesday, it also means a four-day weekend for many.


Halloween Celebrations in Villages and Castles

There are hundreds of medieval villages throughout Italy that are creepy in their own right simply because of their architecture or perhaps because they have been completely abandoned over the past several decades. Here are our top picks and note that all of them have organized events for Halloween:

 Theme Parks and Special Events

In the last decade, Italy’s theme parks have really taken Halloween to another level riding on the coattails of Halloween celebrations in U.S. theme parks. Here are our top picks throughout Italy.

So grab your kids or a group of friends and head to one of these amazing destinations for the scariest night of the year! Happy Halloween!