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Italy’s Aosta Valley is known for its out-of-this-world landscapes, winter sports, Alpine lakes, and of course, its pride and joy, Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc). In this article, we’ll show you that Aosta is not just a winter destination, but also perfect in the summertime. We’re heading to one of its many pristine destinations, Lake Arpy.

Lago d’Arpy in Morgex

Lake Arpy, or Lago d’Arpy, is located in Aosta’s Valdigne between the Alpine villages of Morgex and La Thuile. This glacial lake sits at 2,066 meters above sea level (or 6,778 feet) surrounded by the Alpine peaks of Monte Charvel, Becca Pougnenta, Monte Colmet, and in the distance, the Grandes Jorasses and Monte Bianco

Arpy’s waters are fed by a channel from nearby Pietra Rossa lake, about 500 meters above Arpy. Teeming with trout, Lake Arpy’s water ranges from blue to green and sometimes appears brown. There is also a rare amphibian found here- the alpine newt Triturus alpestris.


You cannot swim here but in the peak of summer, you will find lots of Torinesi (residents of Torino) that have fled the sweltering city in search of higher ground and cooler temps. Bring a picnic, lie on a cozy blanket and catch some rays while breathing in the pure Alpine air.

Details About the Hike

The hike to Lago d’Arpy is route n. 15 and begins at Colle San Carlo, more specifically, at the Hotel Genzianella. If you arrive by car, you can park in the hotel parking lot. Tip: This will be your last chance to get food and water before your hike. This is a “tourist” trail, meaning that it is appropriate for inexperienced hikers and children; however, there is a stretch that may be difficult with a stroller. In the wintertime, you can enjoy this hike on snowshoes! 

lago arpy-aosta

Continuing on From Lake Arpy

If you are so inclined, you can continue on your hike following route n. 19 and climbing another 500 meters on toward Lago di Pietra Rossa, or Lake of the Red Stone. This section is designated as “EE” or expert excursionists. If you do decide to proceed, the views of Monte Bianco and Lake Arpy below are nothing short of spectacular!

The next two sections of trail n. 19 are labeled “E” which does NOT mean “easy” but rather, “excursionist”, so probably not suitable for inexperienced hikers or young kids. Col d’Ameran is the next stretch at an elevation of 2,666 meters followed by Becca Pouegnenta at an elevation of 2,826 meters. 

Valdigne is full of options for every kind of traveler! Check out articles about more places to see in the area: Monte Bianco’s Skyway, Courmayeur, and La Thuile.