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During the month of May Palazzo della Ragione in Padua is hosting two unique and unmissable events!
From the 8th to 12th of May, the Food Festival called “Il Salone dei Sapori” is celebrating 100 years of “Sotto il Salone”, which is the oldest covered food market in Europe

This Food Festival will also involve the Palazzo della Ragione, the adjoining Piazza della Frutta and Piazza delle Erbe, proposing conferences, tastings, cooking shows, extraordinary guests (such as Stefania Maggi, Luigi Moio, Danilo Gasparini, Luigi Biasetto, Antonino Cannavacciouolo), artistic performances and live music. The conferences and workshops will be exploring various themes such as: food education, the history of Venetian cuisine, the reduction of food waste, slow food and much more. For the detailed programme, visit the official website ( Just a reminder: despite the free entrance, a reservation via website is required, due to a limited number of spaces.

tedx-padova-evento-rinascitaBut the attractions that involve the city of Padua do not end here! The 25th of May Palazzo della Ragione will be hosting TEDxPadova with “Rebirth” as the topic of this 6th edition. It should be pointed out that this location wasn’t a random decision! Palazzo della Ragione represents the theme of rebirth at its best: it was founded as a symbol of justice and finance, and later developed into a symbol of commerce. Currently, it’s one of the eight Paduan locations submitted as Unesco World Heritage Sites, thanks to its extraordinary architecture and the beauty of the frescoes.

The days preceding TEDxPadova will be full of events devoted to art and music, such as Over The Ghetto and an orchestral performance at the Ancient Courtyard of Palazzo del Bo. Here are some of the names of the speakers who will participate in this 6th edition: Drusilla Foer, Eric Barbizzi, Tezeta Abraham, Sara Buson, Arianna Fontana, Koen Van Pottelbergh and more. Despite belonging to different professional areas, they are all connected by the desire of sharing their ideas and experiences of rebirth.

Padova_palazzo della ragione

It would be a pity to skip these unique events and not explore the city of Padua this Spring! It will certainly inspire the most enthusiastic visitor… but also a major foodie!


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