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International Chocolate Festival in Perugia: Eurochocolate 2019

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Eurochocolate, the international chocolate festival is back from October 18-27, 2019 in Perugia!


Conceived by the architect Eugenio Guarducci in 1994, Eurochocolate is an event dedicated entirely to the Italian and international chocolate making tradition. Every year, the historic center of Perugia hosts chocolatiers and vendors who are eager to show off their prized creations to thousands of visitors. There really is something for everyone! From dark chocolate to white, from milk to gianduia, from pralines to filled boers, from Baci Perugina to the ingenious Chocokebab! The creations are mind-boggling and the festival itself is a feast for the palate as well as the eyes.

This Year’s Theme

This year’s creative theme is “Attacca Bottone” or roughly translated, “attaching buttons”. The theme draws attention to an everyday object. Buttons: functional, yet whose importance is often ignored. Buttons are also very symbolic in many cultures. For the superstitious, finding a button is said to bring good luck and new friendships. It is also said that dreaming of sewing on a button is a good omen.

A whole piazza will be dedicated to the object at hand, but, don’t think for a second they’ll be made of plastic! You’ll find the little gems made of all types of chocolate in various sizes. The “maxi-button” weighs a whopping 350 grams! You’ll find them packaged in elegant boxes made of Plexiglas and leather. Eurochocolate even made its way to Japan for the first time last February and in this eastern country, the button has even more symbolic value.

In collaboration with the Santarcangelo di Romagna Button Museum, an exhibition will be set up with a historical section to take you on a journey through time and style.

Children can enjoy “Choco School” which will be dedicated to the festival’s young visitors offering workshops, cooking classes and other activities. The Icam Ciocopasticceria will also have a special area set up where kids can create their own personalized buttons.


Program of Events

The fascinating chocolate sculptures by Barry Callebaut and other sculptors are back, transforming enormous chocolate blocks into real works of art before your eyes (Sunday, 20 October).

October 12th will include the classic “Chocoday” celebrations, the National Day dedicated to the food of the Gods.

Eurochocolate World, the section dedicated to the major cocoa producing countries, will allow visitors to discover the culture and traditions of the countries providing cacao for the entire world.

For the complete detailed program, visit the official Eurochocolate website.

The ChocoCard

Eurochocolate offers a “ChocoCard” for the most gluttonous visitors. It will allow you to take advantage of gifts and special discounts during the event. This card is not only valid in the festival stands, but also applies to hotels, restaurants, bars, museums and many other affiliated facilities. Thanks to the ChocoCard, you can also take part in a competition with a car up for grabs. Your card also comes with a bonus: a t-shirt and a chocolate bar!

The ChocoCard can be purchased for just 6 € at ChocoCard Points within the festival, at the stands of the Chocolate Show or at participating points of sale.


How to Get to Eurochocolate

The easiest way is to take the Minimetrò to the Pincetto station. The cost of the ride is € 1.50.
By car: park near the Pian di Massiano station.
By train: take the Minimetrò from Fontivegge station, next to the train station.
By bus: the driver will leave you in the Pian di Massiano area, from there you can take the Minimetrò.


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