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Close your eyes.. immagine going back in time.. immagine dancing a celtic song with the sound of a harp and a flute, with your friends in a magic forest.. is it cool? Every year, in Val Veny, in Peuterey’s forest in the beating heart of Mont Blanc you can do it with open eyes!

Since 1997, thanks to a group of entusiasts, during the Celtic festival, you can live the magical atmosphere of a ancient age with a forgotten people: the Celts.

Every year the Festival have many novelties to provoke new emotions to those who partecipate every year.

With the many activities, dances, craft markets, concerts, workshops… Celtica leaves indelible memory in the hearts.

This festival program is full of events and gives a chance to everyone, without needing to go up to Val Veny to enjoy this magical atmosphere, in fact some events are organised in Aosta (where the inagural concert takes place) and Courmayeur.

From my own experience, you shouldn’t miss a tour of the craft market (in Peuterey’s forest every day during the festival), where you can taste and eventually buy the famous apple sider, enjoy one of the many concerts the festival offers and, undoubtedly, the ignition of the Druid fire that will be held in the Peuterey’s forest, Val Veny , on Wednesday 7th.

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