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Issime is an enchanting town located in the heart of the Gressoney Valley, also called the Lys Valley, for its Lys River. Issime is located just 13 km from the Pont-Saint-Martin motorway exit at 1,000 meters above sea level. This small hamlet has so much to offer its visitors, especially during the approaching warmer months. 

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Hiking and the Outdoors

Issime is the ideal starting point for all sorts of excursions, including the one in the Vallone di San Grato, towards the Colle di Dondeuil. As you walk or mountain bike through lush, green pastures you’ll spot numerous Stadel or Walser buildings which are typical in this area. 

The Lys River

The river is not always accessible from every location, but along the road between Pont-Saint-Martin and Gressoney, there are numerous parking areas from which you can see the river. Hiking along the river, you’ll encounter huge boulders with beautiful natural pools.

Along the route, you can take respite in the quaint, characteristic villages with their little shops filled with local handicrafts and churches.

The town of Lillianes and its beach on the Lys River is another place for relaxing and fun for the whole family.

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There is an adventure park in Fontainemore, a town near Issime, that boasts 40 different suspended activities and 5 routes at different heights and difficulties. It is geared toward children from 3 to 6 years old with a 2 zip-line return system that crosses the valley flying over the Lys River. 200 m of flight and 100% safety since the park is equipped with a continuous lifeline. 

The Hamlets

In a comfortable context, you can admire the local crafts in a green area full of relaxation areas that run alongside the river. Typical Aosta products include honey, wine, and Fontina cheese. San Giacomo is the local patron who is celebrated on July 25th and usually brings festivities that include open-air markets and barbecues.

The Valle di Gressoney and Issime will provide visitors with the indelible memory of an enchanting mountain holiday.