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“L’Artigiano in Fiera”: an Italian crafts fair in Milan in 2017

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This fair has been a regular event in Milan for twenty years now. Internationally renowned, it shows the best of Italian and worldwide handicraft. It is an unique event that offers an extremely wide range of handmade creations. The distinctive feature of this event is the variety of products on display, that come from all over the world and cover an infinite range of categories.

The exhibition takes place from 2nd to 10th December in the Rho-Pero exhibition center. Open daily from 10 am to 10.30 pm, it is a free-entrance event. You can go by car. Parking costs € 17 for 1 day. Otherwise, you can choose public means of transport.

L'artigiano-in-fiera-2017-italian-milanoDo not miss the chance to start (or finish) your Christmas shopping. You will not find products of mass consumption, but unique goodies and special excellences, examples of the best-handcrafted art. In addition, you can benefit from  pecial exhibition sales. If you are visiting the exhibition for the first time, you will certainly be astonished by the quantity of items on display.

You will easily see people carrying trolleys and huge bags full of items, food and pieces of furniture. Take the exhibition map at the main gate and start your exploration. One pavilion is dedicated entirely to Italy and its gastronomic and artisan excellences. Leather, wool, wood, glass and iron. Items and creations made with these materials are all displayed on the stands. Cured meats, cheese, wine, oil, dessert, fresh pasta, bread, rice, jam, and salty preserves will make your mouth water. Every stand offers you little tastes, but they do not satisfy completely your hunger. You can have a full meal at the stands provided with a kitchen. In order to avoid long queues, I suggest you have your lunch 12.00 o’clock.

Milano-artigiano-in-fiera-2017-italian-fairAnother pavilion is dedicated to Europe and all its memeber states. Here too, the range of products offered is almost infinite. Colourful Spanish creations, soft Norwegian clothes, fresh Greek food, fine Belgian chocolate, tasty Nordic salmon and nourishing German food. These are only few examples of what you can see, try, taste and buy at the European pavilion.

The pavilions that house stands from the rest of the world are divided by continent. If you like Asian food, you are in the right place. If you love African sculpture, this exhibition is Wonderland. If you are interested in Latin American handicraft, you will find unique items.

Many events take place during the exhibition. Cooking show, creative courses, folk dances and music and fashion shows. Check the official website for the complete timetable.

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