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Italian museums become theaters: Bargello and Pitti

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During summer we have good weather, we are on holiday and this is the reason we consider summer the dream season. In this period, we want to escape from our daily life, we wish to travel, to know new places and new worlds. Most people look for unknown places, others wish to go to those famous ones their friends talk about.

What do you think about a place that offers both possibilities? There is such a place and it is Florence. All you need is to love art in all its forms. In this article, we are going to suggest and show you unusual aspects of Florence, interesting for two kinds of tourists: those who already know the city and those who don’t know it and visit it for the first time.

Summer in Florence offers many opportunities for relaxation and artistic enjoyment. Not just the most famous museums, like Duomo, Uffizi (with street artists after sunset), but also many other interesting events. One of them is the 28 years old dance festival, Florence Dance Festival, directed by Marga Nativo and Keith Ferrone. The aspect that most characterizes the event is the location: it takes place in the Bargello’s courtyard.

Bargello museum houses the most amazing and fabulous sculptures that show scenes from myths and legends. You can visit the building during the day whereas, in the evening, you can see other performances in which dancers use their bodies to represent animated tales. Some tales are mythological, others are closer to the harsh reality.

What stands out the most about this new program of Bargello in danza are the companies and coreographers’ contemporary style and temperament. The first company is “Compagnia Zappalà“, which is going to perform “Naufragio con spettatore”, breathtaking duetto. The company is based in Catania, but has has been touring European theatres for years. “Aterballetto” and “Kaos Balletto” companies are performing as well: their performances are mainly based on contemporary dances, but they also come vaguely close to the neoclassic style.

Then, you are going to travel, metaphorically, from Naples to Buenos Aires thanks to “Viento da Napoli a Siviglia…Buenos Aires”, a play which mix three different traditions together. Moreover, you can see Hamlet’s world from a new perspective, thanks to “Imperfect Dance Company” performance. These are just a few titles.

Florence Dance Festival – Bargello in Danza until July 25 2017

We suggest buying tickets well in advance.

Another tempting experience is specifically addressed to the lovers of Italian Opera by Opera musicale del Maggiofiorentino, which is the musical leading institution in Florence. Maggiofiorentino invites you to attend open-air concerts in the beautiful courtyard of Palazzo Pitti.

Those who love an historic atmosphere can imagine going back at the time of the Grand Duchy, when the courtyard was used for celebrations and great performances.

Maybe you could have an “Aperitivo” (e. g., in Piazza della Passera) and then enjoy a concert or attend the opera in the elegant Pitti courtyard, watching Figaro’s adventures (The Barber of Seville), or sharing Nemorino’s love pains (The Elixir of Love by Donizetti).

Until 29 July

Check always the performance location

We suggest buying tickets well in advance.