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When one is going around, there’s always time to have a snack: now I’ll tell you about a place where you can taste the Roman cuisine. If you are not too adventurous, you will find, in any case, food you like, from the classic pizza to ice cream, but also bread, fish, meat, cured meat and even vegan food. Those who have a sweet tooth will find delicious desserts, together with a good wine glass.

In Italy it is said what “all roads lead to Rome” and that is the truth, because the Roman consular roads today are still the main way of communication. Using the same proverb, I’d say that “all the roads lead to Termini”, because Roma Termini station is the main node for trains, coaches and buses both for those who arrive and those who depart from there. Therefore, here I’ll tell you about the point of reference for all the tourists in Rome, a market that you will surely like: the Central Market of Rome (Il Mercato Centrale Roma).

This small market has opened recently, there are shops where you can buy products from Latium or from other Italian regions like artichokes, truffles,  fresh porcino mushrooms, cured meats of good quality, cheese, wines. It is possible to eat a meal there, because almost all these shops, in addition to sell products, also cook them. For example, there is the bakery which offers a good variety of pizzas and panini, the butcher with a grill to cook the meat on the moment, the fish shop with fanciful bars of sushi, the greengrocer who cooks Roman typical dishes like fried artichokes, roasted potatoes and pickled aubergines! In Italy each region has tasty typical dishes, which offer the opportunity to get to know its culture while enjoying food and wine. If you visit Rome, you’ll have the pleasure of tasting its traditional cuisine and it will be worthy.

Among the drinks you can choose there are water, wine, beer or sodas. When you have decided what to eat and drink, you will be able to sit at the tables located at the centre of the market, surrounded by all the shops. After eating, if you want to have a dessert, you might choose between a good ice cream, chocolate or a little cakes, irresistible for those who enjoy sweets. The atmosphere is chic and the market is very characteristic.

Everything is very good! But, how much is it? This is the true charm of the Central Market of Rome: there’s a wide range of prices, starting from 5€ to buy simple snacks.

Arriving is easy: if you are at Roma Termini station, you can turn in via Giovanni Giolitti and, skirting the station, go along until you find the numbers 34-36: you’ll recongnise the market immediately. It is opened from 8 in the morning until midnight. Then you can decide if you want to have breakfast, an aperitif or dinner, according to the hour.

I recommend visiting this small market because, in addition to be located in the city centre, it is a characteristic place, visited not only by tourists but also by local people. It is convenient for those who want to eat out and for those who are about to leave the city. My advice is to go there early so you can have a tour and see all the stands. Moreover, in via Giolitti you can also find buses for Fiumicino airport, which are cheaper than trains.

Enjoy the market and enjoy your meal!

Copyright photo gallery: Berenice Albor Valdes