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future-vintage-paduaPadua is getting ready to host the 9th edition of The Future Vintage Festival, an annual lifestyle and communication event. “Choose The Street” is the common thread connecting the events and activities of this brand new and vibrant edition. The street, in this case, is seen as a crossroad of styles, cultures, ideas and influences that inspired multiple areas, such as fashion, design, arts and communication.

This event will take place on the second weekend of September, right in the city centre at the San Gaetano Cultural Centre. The Cultural Centre of Padua is a former 16th century courthouse; this 4-storeyed structure is currently designated for exhibitions, festivals, conferences and other types of events.

What will be going on during these 3 days?

The 00 Floor holds a vast Expo Marketplace selling vintage clothing and accessories for all tastes. Lectures and workshops focused on innovation, communication, design, technology, marketing and fashion will take place in the “Future Room“, on the same floor. During these encounters you will find out more about sustainable journalism, healthy street food and the history of denim; you can also attend a break dance workshop and discover the mixology of Irish whisky.

future-vintage-chic-nic-paduaIf you are passionate about art, photography, design and lifestyle, then +01 Floor with its “Expo Rooms” is just your thing! However, if you need to get away from the crowded Cultural Centre, I would advise you take a break at “The Coffee Box“, just right around the corner. This original American-style coffee shop offers Italian quality food and beverages, all run by a well prepared and very friendly team. That’s why it is the ideal place to “recharge your batteries”, enjoy a good cup of coffee or a tasty snack… and then make it back to the Festival!

The 9th edition hosts many extraordinary guests, such as: Victoria Cabello, Marco Travaglio, Valentina Vignali, Guglielmo Scilla, Camihawke, Immanuel Casto and many more. At this point, you can attend their presentations at -01 Floor (Despar Auditorium) and it’s very simple to get there! The entrance is free of charge with online registration, due to the limited number of seats. In addition, visitors can shop online for a nominal Pass for only 5€. This Priority Pass gives you lots of advantages, for instance: priority line, free entry to the Chic Nic event, priority entry to the concerts and the Opening Party and so on. My suggestion is to purchase the Priority Pass to enjoy all three days of Future Vintage Festival with total ease!

… And what is the nightlife like?

In the evening, “Future Vintage Festival” goes beyond the Cultural Centre, moving towards the streets and the squares of Padua. There are a few places to keep in mind:

The Carrara Castle, where the Opening Party will take place (5th of September)

Garibaldi Square, holding the Deejay Time Reunion (7th of September)

Pride Village, for the Planet Funk concert (8th of September)

Public garden “Giardini dell’Arena”,for happy hour in Chic Nic-style (7-8-9th of September)

Sartori Square (Largo Europa), hosting the Urban District event with its street activities & street food, sport competition and live music (7-8-9th of September)

Considering the special guests, workshops, live concerts, expos and happy hours all in Vintage style – with an eye on the future – this Festival will engage and send positive vibes to each of its visitors!

Opening hours:

3 pm – 9 pm on Friday

10 am – 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday

For further information, visit the official website:

Future Vintage



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