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Located about 20 kilometers from Trento, in the Valley of the Lakes, Lake Cavedine is a small artificial basin that offers nature and sports enthusiasts the chance to spend a relaxing day outdoors away from the chaos of the city center.

It is important to emphasize that the lake is not suitable for swimming, because it is rather cold; however, its waters are crystal-clear and it is surrounded by lots of greenery.

The lake extends for about 1,010 km and is 2,500 km long, 600 meters wide, with a maximum depth of 24 meters. 

What to See and Do at Lake Cavedine

There are many sailing schools in the area, so those who are keen on sailing, surfing, and kayaking can enjoy themselves, especially when the Ora del Garda winds are blowing. 

The lake is also very popular among fishermen because in the crystal clear waters, there are numerous species of fish. Eels, barbels, chubbies, whitefish, pikes, common sunfish, Italian nases, common rudds, trenches, rainbow, and brown trouts are all here. There are also swans, wild ducks, coots, and grey herons.

Hiking Trail Around the Lake

A recently built promenade allows you to tour the whole lake. This walking or biking itinerary is suitable for everyone (although strollers are not allowed). It’s about 9 km with 100 meters of incline and it takes around 2 hours to complete the tour. Along the way, you’ll see the lake from different perspectives and cross arid environments, woods, and farmlands.

From the parking lot of the sailing school, you can take a small walkway that crosses quiet beaches surrounded by nature, where silence dominates undisturbed.

At its end, the walkway becomes a path, which is the wildest part of the tour. Following the signs for Anello Garda Sarca, you’ll arrive at Laghisol where you will find the old Fies hydroelectric power plant.

From there, the trail continues for 2 km into the woods. Large boulders line the arid area known as Marocche di DroAround 200,000 years ago, three large landslides made of rocky drifts formed and flowed to the valley, causing disruption. The erosion caused by weather conditions and time has further disrupted and shaped this rocky expansion in a different way. This area is considered an arid type biotope of the province of Trento.

The path then joins a cycle path that connects Dro to Pietramurata. Follow the signs for Lake Cavedine and after cycling for about 1 km, you’ll be back to the starting point of our tour.

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Article by Noemi Gobber

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