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Lucca Comics & Games 2019: Lucca From a Different Point of View

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Lucca Comics & Game is an annual convention which takes place in Lucca, Tuscany. Dedicated to comic books, gaming (card games, board games and role play), fantasy and science fiction, it is usually held between the end of October and the start of November. It is the most important convention in Italy and Europe and the second biggest in the world after the Comiket of Tokyo. Let’s find out more about Lucca Comics 2019!


Lucca Comics 2019

The 2019 edition, which takes place from October 30th through November 3rd, will welcome a couple hundred thousand visitors.

During these days the city will  be filled with stalls dedicated to comics; you will find manga, models, dvds, video games and prints of all kinds. Fans and industry professionals will gather to exchange or buy the rarest comics. But that’s not all! There will also be role-playing and cosplayer tournaments, concerts, projections and meetings with the authors.


How to Get There

By car: there are parking areas outside from Lucca’s old walls. You can also reserve parking on Metro Srl.

By bus: Buses are scheduled from more than 150 Italian cities.

By train: Additional trains are scheduled for the event.

More Info

  • Tickets will be available online (until 3 November at 3 pm) and in Lucca (From 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, from 30 October to 3 November, subject to availability).
  • It is also possible to purchase a multiple day pass.
  • The ticket prices vary depending on the day:

Wednesday : 16€ (reduced 14€)
Thursday : 18€ (reduced 16€)
Friday : 21 € (reduced 19€)
Saturday : 22€ (reduced 20€)
Sunday : 20€ (reduced 18€)

For more detailed information, visit the official website at Lucca Comics and Games