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“It feels like yesterday that I had the idea to transform the city of Merano into a European place of refinement, where the past, present, and future of the wine and gastronomic worlds find a place to converge, mingle, and connect.”

These are the words of Helmuth Köcher, president and founder of the Merano WineFestival, the biggest and most well known event organized by Gourmet’s International.

Created in 1992, the Merano WineFestival is the first wine festival that serves as both a meeting place and an occasion for wine tasting. Since its foundation, Gourmet’s International’s main objective has been to be ambassadors of quality, selecting only the best of Food & Wine for its audience. And this choice proved to be the key to its success.

The Merano WineFestival is therefore the first showcase in Europe that has created a sensory journey with a single glass, focusing on a careful selection of products.

It is not just an event in which to participate, but a real forum for the exchange of opinions between producers, opinion leaders, professionals and consumers, all part of food and wine excellence.
The festival is known and appreciated worldwide and is considered a true mark of quality.

This year, the Merano WineFestival is back from November 5-9, 2021, with five full days of emotions, content and discoveries. 400 wine-producers among the best in Italy and in the world.

And precisely because it focuses on excellence, only the best food and wine companies selected by The WineHunter Award can participate in the Merano Wine Festival. The latter is an award of excellence that is awarded by The WineHunter tasting commissions to products that stand out for their domain and superior quality.

The 30th season of the Merano WineFestival promises to be a unique, exclusive and exciting event not to be missed.

The complete program can be found on the festival’s official website.

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