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Not far from Lake Maggiore, there is a lovely park in the Ticino Valley known as the Parco dei Lagoni di Mercurago. Located near the surrounding towns of Arona, Dormelletto and Oleggio Castello, visitors can choose from various entrances into the park.


At each entrance, you’ll find a parking lot where you can leave your car and take the walking trail into the park. From Arona, you can also take the Comazzi bus line.

At the entrances, you can pick up a park map to get you started on your journey. There are four routes that are color-coded: the light blue path for wetlands, the purple path for archaeology (which guides you to historical remains), the red path to indicate the woods, and the orange one for various activities that are carried out inside the park.

Once you set foot in the park, you’ll immediately realize how far away you feel from the crowds and hectic city life. Pebbles rustle under your feet and tree branches criss-cross to conceal and then reveal landscapes. The paths are slightly winding but easy enough for all ability levels. Benches are scattered throughout where you can contemplate by the lake or have a picnic.

parco-ticino-novara Cycling, horseback riding, and running are all popular within the park.

Useful information

Route length: 8 km

Walking time: 4 hours

Opening hours: 6 am-10:00 pm