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Let’s plan a trip to one of Italy’s fabulous beach destinations in… Molise! Molise? Yes! This tiny region is often overlooked by both Italians and foreigners but the truth is that Molise has a lot to offer its visitors and is usually, much more affordable than other regions. Since the season of interest is summer, let’s find out about the best seaside resorts in the region.


The entire Molise coast is only 35 km long overlooking the Adriatic Sea and is wedged between Abruzzo’s Trabocchi coast and that of Puglia. That means that if you want to, you can easily visit a different beach every day during your holiday. In larger, more crowded regions, that would be nearly impossible.

Petacciato Marina

From the north, the first stop is Marina di Petacciato. This fantastic beach has been awarded the Blue Flag for its crystal clear water and fine sand beaches. You’ll find lidos as well as sections of “free beach” and lots of services. It’s also the perfect area for young children since the water is very shallow at the shore. But the most unique aspect of this beach is the soft dunes and the pine forest that lines the beach. You can enjoy some reprieve from the mid-day sun under the shade of the pines and even take a bike ride all the way to Termoli (about 15 km).

Litorale Nord

Moving further north towards Termoli, you’ll arrive in Litorale Nord where you’ll find a wide range of lidos, various services, residence hotels, and camping. This entire coastline is called the Costa Verde, or the Green Coast, for its incredibly clear water that has greenish-blue hues and because of the pine forests that are so close to the beaches. Termoli

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The most well-known of all the coastal towns in Molise is by far Termoli. It offers not only exquisite beaches but also a historic center among the most characteristic of the region. The ancient walled village with its Swabian Castle and narrow streets will have you falling in love at first sight. The panorama is absolutely breathtaking from the elevated position and overlooks the sea from the Tremiti Islands to Vasto and even to the Majella mountain.

From Termoli, you can catch a ferry to the Isole Tremiti that are part of the Gargano National Park. Five islands make up this archipelago with the largest being San Nicola. This is an experience that you won’t want to miss even if for only a day!


The last beach before arriving in the Puglia region is Lido di Campomarino. It boasts a newly renovated port with lots of services, shops, and restaurants for tourists. This beach is also a Blue Flag beach with fine sand and shallow shores. You’ll also find a pine forest and soft dunes near the shore.

If you had not ever considered vacationing in the Molise region, we hope this article has changed your mind!