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Mother Nature, hiking in the mountains and skiing in Friuli Venezia Giulia‘s white, fluffy snow. A high altitude breeze that refreshes the mind and regenerates the lungs and soul. The warm sunlight that guides your steps as you snowshoe across the trails with your expert guide. This is winter in the mountains of Friuli and as their slogan states-“Friuli is open for vacation”!


The snow is here and it is the time to take advantage of the guided excursions organized by the FVG tourist agencies and the local ski schools. If you haven’t yet had the chance to get away during the winter, now’s the time! Invigorating physical activity outdoors, the gorgeous landscape, and the alpine culture and cuisine of Friuli’s mountain villages await you!

Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, mountaineering, snowboarding, mushing, a snowpark, curling, and the list of activities and possibilities for all ages goes on!

For more information, visit the region’s official tourism website turismofvg.it


Photo credits: www.turismofvg.it