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muggia-sea-porto-san-roccoOnce upon a time there was Mugla, a land of impassable terrain that one day began to transform slowly, until it became the incomparable village of the north east bearing the name of Muggia.

Well … if the well-known and acclaimed singer-songwriter Umberto Tozzi has chosen to buy a sea-view loft in Muggia (and remember that he apparently already owns an apartment in Montecarlo) and if the well-known chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo decided to shoot an episode of his very popular TV show right here, there must be a reason!

From the Bronze Age onwards (ie from the castles of Elleri in Santa Barbara), between the construction of the Romanesque Basilica of Muggia Vecchia (dating back to the IX century) and that of the fourteenth-century castle that towers above it and which watches over the town with majestic grace, history has been vehemently gentle with Muggia. It is precisely in this place, on the very edge of the coast where the Adriatic Sea holds out its hand to greet people who are heading towards Slovenia, that Muggia shines in its fabulous bay. A shining gem in the Mediterranean Sea!

beaches-muggia-seaIncisively characterized faces welcome visitors like the bright colors of the houses of the marina and the wafting aromas of expertly-prepared fresh fish. A tumult of disorienting sensations at first, but that after the initial impact reveal the sincere and genuine heart of the residents of Muggia. Recently, there have been waves from the United Kingdom as well as from Southern Italy that have taken up residence and adopted the spirit of solidarity and authentic FRIENDSHIP which reign supreme here.

But beware: the Muggesani locals do not want to be refered to or associated with the nearby Triestini. They are proud of belonging to the istro-veneta derivation of the native inhabitants of Muggia!

Aside from the Winter Carnival (which is the main attraction of the town and quite an exaggerated event), Muggia is also bursting in vibrant color and festivities in the summertime, coming to its peak (like most of Italy) in August.

But the true prince of the summer season is the sea of ​​the Muggia Bay with its distinctive coastline that’s been almost completely restored in recent times. Its beaches are pebbly, with gentle cliffs and piers from the Lungomare Venezia (adjacent to the urban center), passing through the elegant district of Porto San Rocco and the long road to Lazzaretto, to the nearest part of Slovenia. A seaside proposal that extends from the welcoming (and in many cases free) spaces easily accessible to families, to the piers (more suited to diving enthusiasts) to the elite  beach of the Porto San Rocco Marina Resort where you can enjoy an aperitif or cocktail like a VIP.

muggia-porto-san-rocco-seaWhen the sun begins its decent, greeted by the first shadows of the evening, people come out for their evening strolls along the seafront. Admiring a romantic sunset after a sumptuous dinner fit for a king will conclude  your day.

And as it happens in the most beautiful tales (those with happy endings), Muggia continues to shine in every corner even in the dark of night, just like a star that is there to inspire and illuminate.

Above all, it will stay in your heart forever.

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