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The deep blue of the sea and the green of the surrounding hills- a photo is not enough to immortalize this paradise on earth. The nature reserve of Punta Aderci is exactly this- paradise. Located in the Abruzzo region, the nature reserve includes five kilometers of sand, dunes, rocks, green meadows, and crystal clear water.


Established in 1998 in the area of Vasto, in the province of Chieti, the natural protected area extends from Punta Penna to the mouth of the Sinello river, in an area that embraces large vineyards, olive groves, and plots of cultivated lands.

A small footpath brings you to 285 hectares of tranquility and peace.

The most panoramic point of Punta Aderci is the promontory which provides a 360-degree view of the area. At 26 meters above sea level this spot is accessible by climbing eighty-steps. From here, let your eyes feast on the vibrant hues of the water that vary in shades from turquoise blue to emerald green.

Plants and animals also flourish, in fact, birdwatching is a must. The little fratino bird is symbolic of the reserve and nests on beaches all over Italy and throughout Europe.

Sometimes, words and photographs alone cannot do a place justice. There is no way to fully grasp the beauty of Punta Aderci without visiting it.

Copyright photos: Anna Falasca

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