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Omar Galliani Art Exhibition in Florence: Stolen Kisses

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During the lockdown, especially the initial one last year, perhaps the most shocking part of it was the lack of human touch. We Italians, being a rather warm and affectionate people, felt this deeply. But sometimes the most beautiful things arise from the darkest moments … just think of a caterpillar that after being wrapped in its cocoon is reborn as a beautiful butterfly.

During this traumatic period, the artists among us, in various forms, have managed to bring to light works that demonstrate the true feeling of the period. In the case of the great artist Omar Galliani, it is the kiss, or rather, the lack of.

Baci rubati _ Covid 19-mostra-tornabuoni-firenze

Galliani is known all over the world for his extraordinary drawings in charcoal and graphite that play with shades of chiaroscuro, sometimes adding red to recall the artistic tradition of the Renaissance.

A total of 60 works recall the first lockdown between the months of March and June of 2020. The lack of the kiss, of affection, of the human touch, is what inspired Galliani during these months and therefore the metaphor of the Stolen Kiss.

Baci rubati _ Covid 19-60 disegni-firenze

It is not by chance that he chose the wonderful city of Florence as the place for the opening of the exhibition. Florence, symbol of the true Renaissance, today also represents Italy’s rebirth after a trying time, and its great desire to start again. 

Baci rubati _ Covid 19-galliani-mostra-firenze

From May 13 through July 2, 2021, you can see Galliani’s moving interpretation of time lost during lockdown firsthand in his drawings at Tornabuoni Arte.

For more details, to reserve tickets, and for opening times, visit the official website of Tornabuoni Arte.